• Excess stress. Excess boredom. Loss of energy. Loss of desire. Loss of friends. Sadness. Anger. Just being fed up with having to look her best (at the same time, acknowledging that men can be half-assed about it). Sadly, many women who look like they "let" themselves go have no actually let themselves go. They just don't look "good enough". Health problems can also make a person look like they've let themselves go.
  • The ones that do let themselves go do it for the same reasons as men that let themselves go. +5
  • depression
  • They get married
  • They are closet lesbians
  • same reason men do, they just stop caring
  • maybe they have lost any incentive - dont get noticed by their s/o or maybe they dont fancy their s/o any more? maybe theyre bored or depressed?
  • For the same reason men do. They get fat and lazy.
  • ??? I don't know. My mother still goes to the gym every day and my grandmother is still beautiful. I don't think women let themselves go. Maybe the ones you know are tired from work or children (or, j/k). Maybe they are depressed or something?
  • Maybe child birth has something to do with it? Women give birth and gain weight. I can see it being kind of depressing and kind of having a domino effect. I'll be honest, I don't blame women for gaining weight after child birth. That shit is hard core.
  • I havnt:-)
  • I haven't, but I can see why they do. There is so much tasty high calorie food that I've been tempted over again to buy and eat, but simply don't.
  • Young children can make it hard for a woman to keep herself looking attractive. Then they forget that they used to get dressed up and look put together, forgetting how to do it. If you want your lady to stay 'put together' make sure that you give her one day a week away from raising the children so she can get her nails done, do her hair and makeup, get dressed nice, etc.
  • I don't know, probably for the same reasons men let themselves go...
  • Maybe because they are to busy taking care of everyone else & forget to make time for themselves. When you have a family & a home & small kids to watch after constantly with no help its kind of hard to fix yourself up when your trying to keep the lil ones our of your make up or your busy running after babies, changing diapers, cleaning the house & cooking taking care of the bills ect. to get the time to go to the gym or the energy but I'm sure if they had someone they could trust to take over the chores & babies & hubby they would have the time to fix their selves up but most just kind of forget about it in the mix of things. Sometimes their to busy trying to make everyone elses lives a lil nicer to live that they forget to take time out for themselves & stay in shape like they were before they had a family to take care of. But then there are women who don't have any kids to run after or a sick family member that they just don't like to fix their hair or put make up on or can't afford to. Different reasons for different people I guess.
  • Sometimes it's just the stress of life. I put on quite a bit of weight during college- I think a lot of girls do. Also as you get older your metabolism slows down, so although I still work out as much as I did when I was 18 it's way harder to drop the weight.

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