• No, but no one has to know.
  • You should,you are protecting your daughter.
  • You can hit him with it, but only with enough force to stop him from assaulting your daughter. Better to keep the two separated and get a restraining order.
  • no but he deserves it. instead call the cops and have him arrested. he might get jail time out of it. he will defenetly get a hefty fine from it.
  • maybe if he tripped and fell down 2 - 3 flights of stairs...hint hint
  • First, remove your daughter from the situation and then go to the police and report your father. You hitting him, while not in the immediate act of protecting your daughter, will only give him reason to press charges against you. And then what will happen to your daughter while you are in jail?
  • It would be tempting. If you bash him while he is in the act, I think that would be legal. If it's after the fact, you could be jailed for assault. I would file charges.
  • You can, but it wouldn't be worth the time you'd spend away from her. In jail, in court, all that time you would never get back. Better to find another way. Isn't there somewhere else you can go?
  • If I'm not mistaken, the first hit is defensive. ^_^ Anything beyond that is attacking.
  • Technically, you may do so to stop the punch BEFORE it actually hits your daughter ... but if you wait until after he has hit her, and then you hit him back after the fact, then you are just as guilty as he is ... since you have both committed assault ... actually you are MORE guilty since his assault was with a hand and yours was with a weapon ... ... however, you may get off of your assault charge by pleading temporary insanity from the stress and duress of having witnessed his assault on your daughter ... add to that the idea that you thought he would strike AGAIN if you did not intervene, and the charges against you may be either dismissed or judged justifiable or found not guilty ... ... since a head shot is potentially lethal, I would suggest targeting kneecaps instead ... much easier for you to stay out of jail if he is only crippled and not killed !!!
  • I'm not sure but it wouldn't matter to me....
  • If you think you are defending her life, you can protect her by any means. But, you must make sure he had the intent to physically harm her! I don't think one punch would qualify, unless it is with enough force that it could kill or severely harm your daughter. Best to call 911, take a photo of any cut or swelling, (cell phones w/camera, have really come in handy for just such things), and let the police handle it from there. In Texas, he would be in MAJOR trouble if he harms any child!
  • Just hit him in the sense going to prison with a child to think about. I think I have a bat here somewhere....
  • i would just have him get picked up by the police, that way youre not the one in trouble

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