• The lucky guy at the KFC drive thru?
  • All depends how you look at it. Captain Sao Feng's piece was technically the last one to arrive at the meeting of the brethren court. However it only made it due to him passing it on to his successor Elizabeth Swann. But Jack declined to give up his till all of the Nine were assembled. As for the last one to be added to the bowl they burned them in, I believe it was Captain Barbosa's piece which was Ragetti's wooden eye that he'd kept for his Captain. and then they added the rum(yum) and burned it.<shudders>
  • &quot;To confirm your Lordship and right to be heard; present now your pieces of eight, my fellow cap'ns." - Hector Barbossa to the Brethren Court THE FOURTH BRETHREN COURT 1. Ammand Pirate Lord of the Black Sea Alias: The Corsair Ship: Seref Piece of Eight: Small pewter brandy goblet. Recieved from outcast sisters from a Spanish convent. They were outcast for a reason. That reason was Ammand. 2. Hector Barbossa Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea Alias: Captain Blackheart Ship: Black Pearl Piece of Eight: Ragetti's wooden eyeball. 3. Chevalle Pirate Lord of the Mediterranean Sea Alias: The penniless Frenchman Ship: Fancy Piece of Eight: Queen of Spades playing card. Chevalle is a compulsive gambler. 4. Ching Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean Alias: Mistress Ching Ship: Ningpo Piece of Eight: Pair of spectacles she used before she went blind. 5. Sao Feng Pirate Lord of the South China Sea Alias: Dragon of Singapore Ship: Empress Piece of Eight: Jade Captain's knot made from silk from the famous Silk Road and a traditional jade gemstone. Now belonging to Elizabeth Swann, the new "Pirate King" or "King of the Brethren Court". 6. Jocard Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean Alias: Gentleman Jocard Ship: Ranger Piece of Eight: Pair of tobacco cutters from the plantation where he was enslaved. He used them to cut out his former master's tongue. 7. Jack Sparrow Pirate Lord the Caribbean Sea Alias: Smith or Smithy Ship: Black Pearl Piece of Eight: Coin woven into Moroccan beads he got from a Moroccan lady of ill repute. The coin is an ancient coin from Siam, one of the first two bits he ever pirated. The other coin? Well, he bought his hat with that one. 8. Sumbhajee Angria Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean Alias: Hindu Priest or "Sri" Ship: Otter Piece of Eight: Calf-horn Snuff box, a souveneir from his temple in India. 9. Eduardo Villanueva Pirate Lord of the Adriatic Alias: None Ship: Centurion Piece of Eight: Broken bottle-neck with a cork; on a string. This aided Eduardo in winning a famous barfight. QUOTE: "Those aren't pieces of eight, they're just pieces of junk!" "Aye, the original plan was to use nine pieces of eight to bind Calypso, but when the first Court met, the Brethren were, to a one; skint broke." "So change the name." "To what? To 'Nine Pieces of Whatever-We-Happen-to-Have-in- Our-Pockets-at-the-Time?' Oh yes, that sounds very piratey." - Pintel and Joshamee Gibbs

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