• well, if you don't want to be with him without marriage, then marriage probably isn't a good idea.
  • Well you have to have patience. Now hear me out. From what i can tell he is trying to help you, by not rushing things. He is thinking about you. I have heard of realtionships that have gone on for 3 years before they actully got married. Stay with him a year isnt actully that long. And if it does bug you, then tell him. If your ready for marrige then you must communicate alot, why should this be any diffrent. and if you havent communicated alot then your not ready for marrige. Stay and talk with him.
  • Maybe you could try giving him little reminders, things like giving him a birthday card with a chapel or something. you need to think up ways to get him to do it. And maybe, if all else fails, you could go and propose to him yourself. But i dont really have many ideas about how to get him to propose to you. try being imaginative
  • Why don't you propose to him?
  • don't be in a hurry to get married, if its ment to be it will happen, to many people in this world rush marriage only to end it just as fast. those who take their time, are more likely to have a long lasting relationship. I personally, went with my man for 3 yrs and we will we together 33yrs next month, we have had some rocky times but have always managed to work though them and I feel its because we took the time to really know eack other. And we waited 5yrs after we married to have kids that way we had time to our selfs before we had kids also, enjoy being young don't rush growing up, there's time.
  • Talk about it with him. Just ask him what his plans are for the future. Where he sees himself 2, 5, 10 years from now. And let him know what you want out of life. There's nothing wrong with discussing your life plans with your partner. In fact, it's pretty risky not to. You could go along for years just assuming you both have the same desires, dreams, and plans for your life...only to find out later that you are on two very different paths. If you can't speak openly and honestly about your goals and dreams with him, then I can tell you right now you either aren't mature enough for marriage or you aren't a good match. Good luck!
  • When the time is right, he'll ask your dad for your hand. If he answers in the affirmative, your boyfriend will meet with you, drop to his knees, take out a ring, and ask you for your hand. Took me three years to propose to who is now my wife, though it is recommended to wait at least until 18 months of exclusive dating before he arranges a meeting with your father.
  • You guys need to be on the same page on this issue. This is something that you should discuss and even make a time line as to approx when you would like to be engaged and then married.
  • You are telling the wrong people, though we may care and feel for you there is someone else who must be told, and you know who that is yo...
  • Bring up the topic of marriage and engagement with him! Me and my boyfriend have been together for a bit over a year and we have talked about the above, but apparently I need to graduate first. It's all about communication!
  • Is this the same b/f you think doesn't understand you because he's white and youare hispanic? Why would you want to marry someone who doesn't understand you or your culture? I often talk about only having been in 3 relationships in my life but I guess technically it was 4. I don't count the 4th one because it wasn't very long lived. I dated her for all of about 3 months til she found out I was a Mormon. She was raised to believe that Mormons were not christians and Mormons didn't believe in the bible which both are false. No matter how much I tried to explain my beliefs to her and make her open her mind about my faith she refused. She wanted to hold on to the false beliefs and misconceptions about my faith that were burned into her mind by her ignorant ministers from the pulpit of her so called christian church every Sunday. So I just broke it off with her because I got tired of defending my beliefs to her. I know it's different than the situation yopu talked about in your other question I reffered to but actually in some ways it is the same. I surely could not marry someone of a different culture if I felt they didn't understand and accept mine and I theirs.
  • at least like 2 and a half years then tell him
  • Give him lots of hints...if he doesnt pick up on that, then just bring it out in the open and ask him his intentions.
  • Stop waiting. Propose to him.
  • Tell him you want to get married. Tell him you don't want to be with him if marriage is not his plan. That way you're sure to scare him off. Marriage is probably the wrong thing for you anyway.
  • I know people that dated for more than 10yrs before getting married. Being married isn't that important if you're with the right person. Maybe you should think about what it really is that you want.
  • If everything is going well, I would be willing to wait about two years before an ultimatum. But I think if is weighing that heavily on your mind, it is time to sit down and talk to him about it. Ask where he sees your relationship in a year or two. Don't come on too strong, like you are expecting him to decide immediately, just tell him you want to make sure you are both on the same page as far as what you want for the future. If he doesn't see him self ever being married or having kids, and you do, it may be better to know now and move on. But if he wants the same things and just isn't ready for it quite yet, give him the time he needs.
  • A year is long enough to know if you want to marry the person you are with or not. Time for you to have the "where is this relationship going" talk and be prepared to walk away if it is going nowhere. If it's for you - it won't go by you.
  • This question is nearly a year old, how is it going?
  • I have been together with my boyfriend for almost three years. Wait until you are both ready and don't pressure him. It takes a lot longer than a year to really get to know someone believe me. I love my boyfriend to death but I want to know he is the one I will be with forever because I don't want the children I have with him to go through with what I went through in my parents divorce. What is the rush?

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