• If there were no gravity then there would be no force holding the satellite in orbit and it would merely drift away. It's beyond the atmosphere, hence it will not fall to the earth unless it crosses the line wherever it is.
  • Think of the Earth's gravity like a magnet. When a magnet and an object subject to magnatism (like a piece of metal) are close together, they stick. As you slowly move the object away from the mag, the pull is less... but you can still feel it. With the shuttle, it (and the statlites and other objects) are on the outer edge of the pull of Earth's gravity so they dont just float away. If something bad happened and the shuttle got pushed away from the edge... they would have to turn the shuttle and fire the boosters to get it back to the edge of the grav pull.
  • The force of gravity is a universal constant. It exist throughout the entire universe. The more mass an object has the stronger its gravitational field. You have a gravitational field that attracts things towards you. If you where out in space and there was nothing else around except you a speck of dust. You would both be attracted to each other and would come together. The speck of dust being so much smaller that it would do most of the moving. if you take a yo yo and swing it above your head you'll notice it makes a circle(orbit) around you. in this example you are the earth the yo yo is the space shuttle and the string is gravity, cut the string and the yo yo flies off, if there where no gravity this is what the earth would do in relationship to the sun.
  • "From the law of universal gravitation, the force on a body acted upon by Earth's gravity is given by F = G (m1 m2) / r^2 where r is the distance between the centre of the Earth and the body (see below), and here we take m1 to be the mass of the Earth and m2 to be the mass of the body." G = 6.6742 * 10^-11 m1 = 5.9736 * 10^24 r = R + H where R is the earth radius and H the altitude of the orbit of the Space Shuttle R = 6.37101 * 10^6 Source and further information: With this information, you can calculate the force acted if you know the altitude of the orbit.

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