• probably not nnuch
  • In wordpress, you can create any type of website, it is more flexible platform and have multiple template option, CMS etc. Squarespace does not come with too many choices. However, this lack of choices make it very simple and easy to use. Even the absolute beginners can quickly write content and publish it.
  • You can build any type of site with Wordpress; it's a much more flexible platform than Squarespace. A significantly wider range of templates is available in Wordpress than in Squarespace. Wordpress comes with a more sophisticated content management system which, unlike Squarespace, facilitates content versioning.
  • Wordpress is quality based tool and have lot of option about themes and plugin used and people mostly used this CMS because easy to use and have lot of option available in which you cannot compare Squarespace with WordPress...
    • mugwort
      wordpress is the largest, most popular open source web site there is. I 'm on

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