• I enjoy photography but my husband is a very talented artist. He paints images with oil, watercolor and the English language. photogrpahy
  • I can write poetry and short stories (don't have the patience for a long one). I can draw cartoonish (is that a word?) characters. I really need to be in the mood to do anything artistic, and haven't been inspired to do so in a very long time.
  • i can write .. but my brain seems to have decided that writer's block is fun, let's keep it going .. haven't written anything in 2 years :(
  • I can draft blue prints
  • I can't do anything.
  • I make fiber art. cloth sculptures with paint, beads thread etc. I also like to draw.
  • I can creatively answer the dullest of Answerbag questions. (Smile. Not THIS question.) Only half the time does a dry-assed AB'er say, why did you answer my seriously boring question with a humorous answer?!!
  • Draw? No. Write stories? I can. I now write nonfiction.
  • I can draw you a clear picture on what i like to do when it comes to being placed on paper, medium: a #2 I might not be as good I might not do the job When it comes to telling stories I feel I'm not the best. I try and get the point across But i wouldn't pass your test Poetry, now that's another story...I think I do alright I am not much for going back or checking out my work I have gotten few laughs most of all complaints But trying is all I can do when left with no restraints I also like taking pictures. This one is called Untied
  • I can write pretty good I guess, nothing juvenile about my stories. As for art goes? Check out my profile
  • I write short stories, poems, and freelance articles.
  • I cannot draw or write poetry. I'm tone deaf, and can't play any instruments. So I'm completely devoid of artistic talent in the classic sense. I'm pretty good at writing essays and debating (I'm a master debater!), and I think I'm hilarious with jokes (masturbater ,get it?!) But, I can appreciate good art - I just can't make it myself.

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