• With no lease agreement in place, you have got quite a mess on your hands. Hopefully, while you might not have a legally binding lease agreement, you have something in writing between you and the tenant in regard to rent to be paid, damages, et cetera. If you have nothing, I highly recommend you get an attorney to help you settle this. Depending on the state, the laws can be very favorable for tenants or very favorable to landlords. Tenant/Landlord disputes can be tricky. I also suggest a visit to, they have quite an extensive library online and have a section devoted to Tenant/Landlord laws. You might post your question there too. Wow. Good luck.
  • Hey, the question asked might be my landlord....hi landlord, sorry about not letting the realtors in, as they greatly inconveinence me and are rude on top of that. I am already working out a lease agreement with a different property, so I should be out within the month. I will give you notice, as required by law, something your realtors don't seem to know anything about. PS. I have not at all damaged this dump I am renting, but if I leave you a pile of unwanted garbage, would you be willing to keep the deposit? Toodles......
  • If no lease agreement present local city/state law applies below link may help with serving notice. .
  • I have to say that I am in the a very awkward situation as the same listed above but my tenants made an agreement to buy our house before they moved in. I have been to court numerous times and are at a dead end. I have since fired my lawyer who promised to have them out in 90 days and it has been going on over a year now. I have posted an eviction notice and they just shrugged their shoulders and didn't make an attempt to buy our house from us or move out. I tried taking it up with the magis. court, district court and state police and no one will help me. So my tenants (squatters) get to stay while I have to keep paying the mortgage for it. I am possible thinking at this point the only want to get them out would to a short sale or foreclosure on my home. I have to say the only thing that has been keeping me going is the man above. I pray everyday that something good will turn out of this big mess. Good luck to anyone who has tenants.
  • I think that's illegal, both parties should have a contract copy and comply to it. Just like to ask is your house rent to own? If that so, if your landlord is not cooperating, you can ask for a lawyer to fix the problem. Make it legal, for sure he will comply when that happens.
  • Are you from Canada by any chance? If so, you can give a 30 day notice of termination. Contact your local rentals board. They will know what to do.
  • If there is no lease than you have a month to month, tenant-at-will situation. They can leave anytime and you can give them 30 days written notice to vacate the premises. Give them the 30 days written notice and get ready to file an eviction notice with the court right away if they aren't by the 30 days. You could also offer them an incentive to leave if you think it will help. This could mean you give them some money if they are out within the 30 day time limit but not a day longer!

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