• I dont think so. It may be due to a fluctuation in hormores that make you more sensitive at times. I see the question is a little old, did it go away or did you go to a doctor?
  • Actually, it is most likely that it is just a matter of maturing. The soreness may in fact be nature urging you to break the hymen open to prepare your body for sexual awakening. As in masturbating and entering with your fingers. I can assure you that is normal. A woman experiencing intercourse the first time with an intact hymen isn't going to much enjoy it. You fail to give your age but my guess is 13 to 15. If you're older you're way behind other girls that masturbate and fully broken their hymens. Can't rule out washing too rough. Skip the cloths, skip the soap and just use the shower head to cleanse. You might enjoy that as a masturbation technique. Especially with a hand held and adjustable nozzle or pulsating type. Well, gay guy to the rescue again. Just because I am not sexually attracted to women doesn't mean I don't care or try to understand. But still have lots to learn.

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