• Yep... I think they also downrate some of our known men-in-blue members for that reason alone.
  • what i think is even sadder is that every interaction i have had with the police has been negative. my bias is merely based on my own personal experience. they have screwed me over and abused their power on many occasions, i am not saying that there aren't any good cops out there, i just haven't had the pleasure yet.
  • well if the police were not so damn arrogant and also weren't dickheads, and biased against certain groups of people, they wouldnt feel that way. I know a few good cops, and they know a shitload of cops that roam streets, and harass people just for the power trip.
  • the cops bring a hell of a lot of crap apon them selves , I have a number of uncles and cousins in the police force and even they agree that they do bring it on themselves much power and think they are above the law and think we have to kiss their ass...not on your bloody life
  • What is sad about society is that we suck so much that cops have to act the way they do. Look at England. Even the criminals love the cops. That's because they've decided, collectively, as a whole, the entire country, not to act a certain way. There are rules. For everyone. Just don't break 'em.
  • I'm sorry but the cops have gave themselves that rap. If they were more worried about actually cleaning up the streets and leaving innocent people alone, then that may change.
  • Cops are always disrespectful to me because I'm a teenager. They tend to make believe that I don't know my rights, so when they find out I do, they get kind of pissy.
  • I think it is a two way street. I think cops get sick of putting up with all the people with crappy attitudes and then end up with attitudes. Who had the attitude first doesn't matter. Its an endless chain. As for me, I have no problem with the police. I respect them and am glad they are there putting their life on the line to protect us.
  • For the most part, kids only badmouth the cops out of spite for the grandest form of authority in society, like they do with school teachers. It's rebelion, which is natural, as long as it doesn't become stage center. It often does though, with young criminals and rebels, and that alone makes me question our integrity and empathy as a society altogether. We condemn the kids, but no one of us tries to help or understand them. Although overall, animosity towards cops is almost like a phase for many youths dare I say, and I'd like to point out that many adults are just as bad, if not worse, because it's a set mentality and reasoning for them as opposed to a growing formulation of ground and emotion. On the other hand, many cops, being human, abuse their titles and privileges, and mess with the citizenry because they can't be stopped, through physical or verbal abuse, threats and downright torment. The police force is composed of humans, and they're really not in anymore control then anyone else, nor do they always value justice and peace as the intent of their actions. They're not perfect, and of course people are going to have qualms about it, weather they know the facts or not. It is a sad statement for our society, but we're all responsible about it, and if kids in general hate cops, who's to blame? Also, I admit I followed you here. :)
  • Yes, I do. What people tend to forget (and there ARE some crooked cops out there, don't get me wrong) is that for the most part, if you are against cops, you have a reason to be. For example, if I were doing things that I knew I would get in trouble for, and felt I should be able to do it, I would be against cops too. But if I have nothing to hide, then why the hatred? I work with cops every day- they're people who have a job to do, and their job is to keep people in line and keep people safe and secure. Are people infallible? No. But they tend to do their job.
  • I think it is a sad statement about how much the concept of being part of the "counter-culture" is being pushed in the media, the schools, and by a lot of baby boomer parents. That whole concept has gone over the top and is now merely breeding criminals and mal-contents who refuse to respect authority or any kind of supervision, which includes there job performance as well. While there are bad cops, that doesn't speak for the majority of law enforcement, nor does it give license to morons to constantly be of a criminal mindset just to be cool.
  • Yes, I agree, very sad.
  • Yes, it is sad. Someone needs to explain to them about the thin blue line.
  • I don't hate cops nor do I have any negative feeling about them (generally), though I have to agree that many cops are arrogant and abuse their power.
  • Personally I think that the Police are some of the biggest crooks around, plus many take advantage of their situation. I have had many dealings with them on various matters. On the other hand there are some really good guys about, genuine and fair, sad for them they get job-lotted with the others.
  • I'm a "young people" and I have no problem with them. But I do think that they are underpaid and need more respect from the wider community. Of course, some are just idiots, but you get that in any profession.
  • No considering the fact i get falsely accused alot at the schools football games.
  • The police have way too much power, have you seen what they look like now-a-days. Jack booted thugs straight out of a Nazi nightmare armored to the teeth!
  • It's easy to criticize cops when you're not one of them. Police officers put their lives on the line for people, everyday. They see unimaginable ugliness during the course of their work and the very dark side of life that many of us never see. They put up with people who like to challenge them, just because they're cops, and are sworn at, spit at, and ridiculed and insulted. Little wonder why some of them act the way they do and have to act "tough" and have a coarse "attitude". For these cops, it's a survival mechanism. For most others, they don't show it, because they are supposed to act "professional" in their duties----and we EXPECT them to act that way. These are the ones we call the "good cops", and they truly are in that respect. Sure, I've encountered a few bad officers in my life and have been poorly treated, but I am able to look beyond these bad experiences, knowing that the majority of cops do their best to protect us. Accordingly, I hold no grudge against them as a whole.
  • I am probably gonna get smacked around for this, but it just got personal: I think our society is pretty damned pathetic for the animosity against cops! Especially my age group, the young people! Many of them have been raised with no respect for the law, or anyone but themselves! They see this world as, "I get what I want, and I don't care if I hurt anyone getting what I want!" It's completely selfish! Now, I know there are quite a few officers out there that might come off as arrogant, and overbearing, but you have to understand that every single one of these brave souls put their lives on the lines every single time they pin that badge to their shirtfront to serve and protect the citizens... Unfortunately, many of my peers do not have any respect for cops, and that's what gets them into trouble. So a cop pulled you over for speeding. Why are you going to get mad when they're just trying to keep you and everyone else on the road safe? So some cops have to shoot beanbags at a mob of pissed off sports fans? They're trying to keep the crowd under control to protect everyone else! Why can't people just do as an officer asks? Why do they have to yell and scream for getting a speeding ticket? Why can't people talk reasonably with an officer? What is so friggin' hard about following the law?!?! God Bless our Police Officers, Keepers of the Peace and Servants to the Public Welfare!
  • I can only speak from experience. I've never had any problems with cops. They've always been cool with me. I think that in general, if you are respectful to them, they will be respectful to you. So, yeah, all the animosity towards them, I don't understand at all. If I see someone being a wise ass to a cop or something I don't think "Wow. He's really brave" or anything. I think, "Wow. What an idiot". If that person gave them the respect they deserve, he/she might just be able to avoid being arrested for one thing.

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