• I guess they feel *somebody's* got to be 'in charge,' and since they're older - they figure it might as well be them.
  • my oldest brother practically helped our mom raise me, when our dad left, he felt he had to take charge, as the oldest one :(
  • My oldest brother is 9 years older than me & was made my guardian when my parents divorced, the courts didn’t want either my mum or dad to be able to take me out of Europe without someone’s permission, that’s how it happened with me. (That was years ago tho & now its pretty much back to normal)
  • thats what happened with my sister, my mom abandoned us, but when she was around all she did was drink and party, i was a little baby and my sister was 20 months older then me... i had no idea how to look after my self and i use to sit annd cry in my crib all the time (i dont remember this is wat i was told) so my sister either got annoyed of me crying or just had motherly instincts kicked in

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