• Yes, I know we have plenty here, but it's not like you see them running around. It also depends on the region as far as what animals you will come in contact with. In Texas, you'll see (and run over) tons of armadillos, lizards, snakes and there are plenty of coyotes too. You can hear them at night in many cities. We don't really have them in Virginia, but I know there are plenty of foxes here.... and rabbits. We are over-run with rabbits. Also, what you call hedge hogs is what we call groundhogs (I think).
  • I wonder if the foxes in GB are as cute as the ones here in AB.
  • ok i was wondering about the hedgehogs. I have seen them in pet store but never in the wild. As far as foxes they are bad in the western part of Wyoming and they kill the chickens. Groundhogs are not to bad were i live but we have pleanty for rabbits. and i hate crows and magpiles they get in your garbage and scatter it.
  • Where I live there are foxes, but no hedgehogs.
  • As a general rule (that doesn't 100% apply) foxes are east of the Missouri river and coyotes are west of the Missouri.
  • Mostly what I see around here are rabbits and squirrels.
  • As far as I know hedgehogs are non existent here in the U.S.A.except as pets sold in pet shops.Foxes are very rare where I live.
  • Foxes are quite plentiful, though rarely a problem, and both gray and red plus arctic foxes. And there are other types too, especially in the west and towards Mexico. There are no hedgehogs , other than the African kind sold as pets.
  • No, Hedgehogs are not native to North America, and Foxes are rare in most parts of America, even in the country.
  • Lots of foxes, no hedgehogs

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