• Several physicists have provided descriptions of how gravity works since Einstein provided the basis of modern thought on the subject. These descriptions are challenging and I think it's up to each individual to decide if humanity actually understands gravity.
  • It's neve been explained to me in a way that I can understand. All I know is it's some kind of force but I don't know why it exists.
  • Lots of theories, but they're just that, theories. You've just asked a question which goes to the roots of one of the greatest problems in science: the attempt to define a universal model that can predict a outcomes such as gravity, electromagnetism, photonics, matter, energy, etc. We're still working on it.
  • Not yet, it's one of the biggies. They know a lot of the rules, but as to the source, and why it's inexhaustible, it'll be one of those era changing answers
  • They dont know yet.The more the mass the more the gravity.
  • No, gravity is, to quote Terry Pratchett, "a bit of an embuggerance". We have high hopes of finding gravitons or gravity waves which should help and there are promising ideas in string theory but as yet we don't fully get it. Yet.
  • Scientists have proved and fully understand other forces like electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, ant the weak nuclear force, but they can't prove or explain gravity, only calculate its force.
  • Well, all objects have gravity, even people. Though because a person's mass is tiny (as compared to, say, a planet), his/her pull of gravity is also tiny. NO one can really explain why gravity exists - it just...does.
  • if you can defy gravity,.. all i can say is.. nobel prize lol
  • At the deepest, all we can say about any fundamental particle or force is that it exists. We don't know what electromagnetic charge actually is, we don't know what electrons and quarks actually are -we can only describe them. Gravity and its relationship to spacetime and acceleration are well described by General Relativity - but we don't know what they actually are.
  • I have been investigating the nature of gravity for several years! I have just written a book on this very subject - the true nature of gravity (to be published later this year), you will find details on my website: What I will say is that gravity is not a force, but it is caused by a force, the electromagnetic force. Gravity does not need the graviton - I am convinced that this particle will never be found because it does not exist. Einstein's space-time curvature (a gravitational field) is a mathematical model which quantifies the true PHYSICAL nature of gravity. In my book 'A Watched Kettle Never Boils' I explain what gravity is and why it affects 'space-time'. These are very real effects. And by the way in a physical gravitational field quantum mechanics and General are Relativity are already unified.
  • Gravity is a: dignity or sobriety of bearing b: importance, significance; especially : seriousness c: a serious situation or problem
  • Gravity is a: dignity or sobriety of bearing b: importance, significance; especially : seriousness c: a serious situation or problem
  • I have not heard of anyone who knows much about gravity, other than the way it acts upon mass. I believe that gravity is the defining force in our universe. That sounds obvious, I know, but it just so for me. It is the sole cause of clustering of mass and probably is the cause of most collisions, thereby allowing heavier atoms to form. I cannot find, in my mind, anything not caused, in some way, by gravitational attraction.
  • the way u feel any force is that there is an exchange of particle between u and the body, at the time of exchange u will either go backword (repulsion ) or forword (attraction) , when u feel gravity like force ( actually that is not true sense force ,, GTR,, just the manifestation of space-time curvature,, margin here is too small to explain it read any book on gtr) u go forword becoz of the curvature of spsce time and not due to any exchange of particle so u feel attraction,,, if u r not satisfied with my ans give me a click at,,, or,,, bye ,, tc

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