• "Google"
    • Linda Joy
      You're too bright to be a mushroom! They say mushrooms are kept in the dark and fed umm 'fertilizer' all day. But I perceive you are not in the 'fertilizer' business. Don't take it and don't give it. I wish you would ask more questions. But you are loved just as you are! I enjoy your answers and have learned a lot from you!
    • mushroom
      Try that on Alexa. "She" can't even locate local shops. Or perhaps she's better at music than phone numbers.
  • I found The Logical Song last night on
  • Or
  • They are all right. All you have to do is go to whatever search engine you use and key in the lyrics you know and key the word 'lyrics' after it and you can usually get the name of the song and a link to the lyrics and the artist(s) that sing it. Thank you for your question! Please ask another!

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