• I had horrible parents.
  • The fairest thing to say about my parents is they tried their best, and did what they knew how to do.
  • A bit of both, as I think can happen in lotsa families. Nearly everyone is bitter and/or resentful about something in their childhood.
  • Both my parents and my grandparents (I lived with them most of my childhood) kind of messed up -- my grandmother and my father were pretty mean to me, especially, though the former is trying to do better. As for my father, I haven't spoken to him in years, so I don't know.
  • My real father abused me , every way possible , though my step-mom loved me , the pain I have is that I have to realize my step-mom had to have known what was going on , and it hurts me to much to admit that and that is the truth -- Good question and I'm proud you had the courage to ask this -- + 5 from me
  • My parents were pretty strict when I was growing up but I have to say that upbringing has made me into the person I am today...It's funny but my little sister was complaining about how my mom wants to meet her friends parents before she goes over to their house, how my mom won't let her sleep over friends house unless my mom gets to know their parents.....stuff like that.....I told her honey you don't realize it now but one day you will thank her...I feel like parents now a days let their kids do whatever they want, and need to have more of an eye on their kids...There is nothing wrong with being a strict parent....
  • Mean. Mean, mean, mean. I still have the fingernail scars in my upper arms, and remember well the black eyes and bruises and sprained fingers.
  • Dad was great..the mother..not so much :)
  • Treat me best way ever. Nobody perfect
  • My mother is the sweetest person ever, and my father was viciously cruel to me.
  • They were fair. My problems were self inflicted.
  • My parents were never mean. Mom was (and still is) lovingly hyper-crytical, and dad had some sort of a block that made him unable to coach me through anything, and both arguably drank to excess, but they were wonderful, caring, loving parents. Parents -- no matter how bad they are, you always love them; and no matter how good they are, you never forgive them!
  • My parents were very strict, but they also were very loving and not afraid to show it. They had a lot to deal with in their life.
  • My parents were nothing but loving and supportive.
  • My parents provided the best childhood for me and my sisters, mentally and physically.
  • My parents were to good to me, they spoild me, I was the only child for 10 yrs.
  • My mom and dad separated since I was 7...I live with my Mom and she treat me so good.Sometimes,I'm the one whose mean to her.But as much as possible I try not to.^_^
  • I'm 29. Although i do not agree with some of the things they did and still do, they did what they thought was best for me when i was young. They grounded me for months on end and i was a prisoner in my own home. No tv, phone, friends, nothing, literally. very strict about lots of things. When i get upset about stuff, they just argue with me, without considering my feelings. For example, I am getting married in Italy, but they don't want to go to Italy, so they are declining to go- even though we are paying for everyone (they are retired, so it will not interrupt their plans). They say weddings are a "waste of money", they have "no interest in Europe", and the "dollar doesnt go far there". They made this decision ith 24 hours of us telling them we were engaged. So, they didnt even try to consider it. selfish.
  • they were mean. they still can be and im 37.
  • not mean just loving. i think it was right
  • They treated me right.
  • They treated me right, loved me, encouraged me, basically the best people that I can turn to for support. :) I am very fortunate to have them!
  • My parents where swift and harsh but short with discipline. They also rewarded me generously when I earned it. They also where their for me in need without question.
  • My Mom was kind of a control physcho, but it was cool. I got over it.
  • They were distant...which I guess is mean but it's all I know.
  • My mom did the best she could with what she had.

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