• i always keep them coz if vey were to ring me for any reason i would recognise who it was ..and then not answer it
  • case I get bored one day and want to make some fun prank calls!!.... :)
  • Since I am a divorce lawyer and I keep client phone numbers in, I DELETE, to avoid the unpleasantness that is associated with accidentally misclicking a former client who might not be entirely happy with their outcome. (Newsflash: divorcees are almost NEVER happy with their outcomes. Some part of the settlement/ judgment does not appeal to them and they focus on what they lost in lieu of what they won.)
  • I keep them, but when I get a new phone and have to manually enter the phone numbers I only take important people.
  • i delete them
  • I always keep them for just in case :) Even the unpleasant ones :)
  • I never clear out my phone.. or my inbox .. or my myspace page.. i probably should, but then i'm always like "oh but what if... " i dont think i can finish that "what if" off.. its just there!
  • I'm a deleter. I only have about 20 numbers I actually keep in my contact list. You know you've become an important part of my life when I actually add you.
  • yeah i delete them too. i store a backup of old numbers on my PC. don't want to call them by mistake.
  • I keep them my old paper phone directory
  • It's so funny you ask that :) I delete them if I really don't want contact with them , but I used to save them just in case , but I thought I was the only one who thought about that.
  • I keep them just because i am too lazy to go through and delete them.
  • I keep them
  • I keep them. Only because I'm too lazy to delete.
  • I'm in high school, and I try to keep whoever I can just in case. Tbh, I'm not sure I'll change this habit as I get older, either. (;
  • It depends on why I don't talk to them. If its someone I don't want to talk to at all I keep the number and write a description instead of a name. Like my Ex went from skank ass hoe to DO NOT ANSWER to LET ALANA ANSWER. Alana is my wife, when my ex called I just handed her the phone and she went off on her. My wife wanted to do that, she had fun with it
  • I hang onto them SaraMonster just in case
  • I always keep them. Because. Well. You never know :)
  • delete...if I really need to get ahold of em, Ill use the six degrees of seperation.
  • delete!
  • i delete them. i usually stop talking to ppl wen they piss me off. if they still try to contact me i ignore them. i dont recognize the number and i dont answer the phone. i feel that keeping them in my phone is holding onto negativity so thats y i cut them loose.
  • I just cleaned mine out. We moved and I had the phone number to the old school and the orthodontist (nobody has had braces for a few years) and some neighbors we didn't talk to when I lived there and a couple pizza places, stuff like that...I just couldn't see keeping them anymore.
  • I keep numbers that are useful or that people ask for a lot even if I don't really talk to the person. I also keep a couple numbers in my phone for my boyfriend, because he doesn't have one and people usually find him through me, so I never really talk to those people. And there are also a few numbers I have just so that I know when the person's calling and I can go ahead an NOT answer it. Otherwise cell wouldn't show me the name of the person calling, and I might be tricked into talking to them. *shudder*
  • I delete them, how did you lose those two fingers?

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