• Because glass breaks very easy. Glass is actually a liquid with a very high viscosity; leave a glass object lying around for a few tens of thousand years, and it'll form a puddle. Now, a glass house may be beautiful to live in, but there are other transparent materials that are stronger than glass. People who live in Plexiglass(tm) houses, for example, could probably get away with throwing stones to their heart's content.
  • Just an added thought to Hungry Guy's fine answer Because what you throw is usually what gets thrown back. If you live in a glass house and toss rocks, guess what? You'll be rebuilding your house every day. You'll get fired when you quit showing up at work. Then, you won't have the $$ to buy more replacement walls and windows. Your house ends up as a roof, some two-by-fours, and a boatload of broken glass. What a mess! Throw hundred dollar bills next time, and give me a head's up. I'll be glad to help you out.
  • Since every one else here has, so far, only dealt with the literal meaning of this saying let me deal with the larger meaning. This is actually a warning against hypocrisy. Before you go accusing someone of some wrong doing, make sure that you are not guilty as well because your accusation could come back and get you. ********** "HungryGuy: Glenn, your brother, Bob, could stand to take the advice that you just gave in your very good answer here." Don't be too quick to use this answer against my brother. This saying is a warning against hypocrisy. It does not mean that one should not condemn bad behavior. There is a very profound difference between the two. Those who engage in bad behavior like to call those that condemn that behavior hypocrites because none of us are perfect. If we followed this reasoning to its logical conclusion then we would have to give up on enforcing any restraints on society because no one has the right to condemn any one else for anything. No, this is just an excuse on the part of bad people to not change their bad behavior.
  • The way it was explained to me by my father when I was a child, this means, don't go throwing stones at other people's houses (or at other people!), because if they retaliate in kind, your house will be very easily destroyed. The non-literal meaning , as Glenn points out, is that whatever you use against other people can easily be used against you, so be careful how you treat others in order to avoid consequences that you are unwilling to live with.
  • Oh my neighbor fits this. Old nosey lady who thinks she does no wrong and wants the world to follow her view of the world. Will yell at people who park in front of her house, etc. Well a hedge grows in front of her house then crossed over on my property when it went between our properties. That made that part of the hedge my hedge. Here who’s property the trunk is on owns the plant. Every time I cut the hedge back this lade got mad. It finally came to a head after she cussed at my gardener and called his racial slurs for trimming that part of the hedge. So I got a fence contractor out5, cut out the hedge on my side and put in a fence. This obviously really pissed the old bag off. She calls out the city code enforcement to try and find something wrong with my fence. Funny thing is she keeps the hedge in her front at 6 feet tall and about 8 feet wide and the city code limits such things to under 3 ½ feet. I knew her hedge was a code violation but never bothered acting on it. Now her hedge is being acted on by the city. Too bad for the old bag, she loved being able to hide behind that hedge and spy on neighbors.
  • can't you tell you were a little shit when you were younger lol. oj cos stones break glass.. simple as :-D
  • Seems to me...... maybe, its something like Karma...........
  • and people who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones, LOL!
  • Because what goes around, comes around....
  • cause you might hit your s/o, or brother etc , and give them a knot on their head, or is it the glass...
  • There's a lyric in a song that might sum it up: Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself. That's the way I see it.
  • Also, as MAD magazine put it, "People who live in glass houses -- shouldn't!" Or at least, they should pull the shades at night.

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