• your right no gender has been proven smarter than the other however my male boss told me this i think you might get a kick out it: this man was in a serious accident and was on life support and brain dead. the doctor told the family that they had three options one they let him live with brain damage or they could go with two other options. they could do surgery and put a mans brain in or they could do put a womans brain in. the family said well he is a man so how much will the surgery cost. the doctor said well the mans brain will cost $100,000. the family said thats a lot of money so how much is the womans brain gonna cost. the doctor said $5,000. the family was in shock and asked why the womans brain was cheaper. the doctor replied because the womans brain has been used.
  • ok lets face it women are the most illogical creature on the planet. How else would they come up with the U SHOULD JUST KNOW idea and see nothing wrong with that. lets be serious women r just plain dumb
  • Because we're women.
  • Some do, to make their selves feel superior, they have a superiority complex, it is way to hide or compensate for their feeling of inferiority. Behaviors related to this may include an exaggeratedly positive opinion of one’s worth and abilities, unrealistically high expectations in goals and achievements for oneself and others, the persistent attempt to correct others regardless of whether they are factually correct or not, vanity, extravagant style in dressing (with intent of drawing attention), excessive need for competition, pride, sentimentalism and affected exaltation, snobbishness, a tendency to discredit other’s opinions, forcefulness aimed at dominating those considered as weaker or less important, credulity, and others. ***I believe this goes for all humans, not just woman.
  • Maybe for the same reason there are men who believe that they are smarter than women.
  • You sound unsure. ;+
  • There may be no monopoly on higher intelligence, but there are a many things to consider when trying to figure out why so many women think this. Here is my personal favorite! Men are far more likely to do something stupid, preceded by the phrase " hey guys, watch this!"
  • There have been many male geniuses over the centuries, Darwin, Einstein, Isambard Kingdom Brunel etc etc. And an equal number of female geniuses including erm let me think now. There was that lady with the cancer thing and err hmmmm.... I think Tori Amos is cute & smart.
  • "Some" women are smarter than most men. As well, "some" men are smarter than most women. Because of the normal distribution of intelligence among men and women, that should be no surprise at all, as long as we realize the essential truth of the last part of your statement. That is, there is no great gap between the average levels of intelligence between the genders. We can carry that further: We can also say with confidence that "some" Asians are smarter than most whites, "some" whites are smarter than most blacks ... and conversely that "some" blacks are smarter than most Asians, and so are "some" whites. These are not contradictory statements, but are easily demonstrated, and should even be intuitively obvious, and not a bit controversial (except, perhaps, to stupid people). If intelligent members of a sub-group of humans seek each other out and congregate (as we know they tend to do), and compare the intelligence of their particularly selected group to average or below-average examples of intelligence found in other sub-groups, then there should be no surprises at all that they find what you say to be totally, incontrovertibly true. We can carry that further, too. Let's say that various sub-group members self-select for attributes other than intelligence, such as strength, athletic ability, height, certain body types, even preference in mode of dress ... you name it! They might consider these attributes to be or demonstrate "smart", and denigrate others who aren't members of their "elite". If the excluded elements of this "elite" allow it, they can be made to feel inferior for any number of reasons, which may or may not even be true.
  • it goes for both sexes, some people hold themselves in high esteem
  • Propagation of inaccurate stereotypes by the media - usually in the form of advertisements directed at women, and self-help books. (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) Case in point - this charcoal commercial.
  • Women don't believe that they are smarter than men are. Women believe that they have more commnon sense than men do.
  • some people (men & women) just have big egos and think they're better than others.
  • A lot of people just think they are better than others... but my dad used to say that my mom was smarted then him because he wasnt always thinking with his brain... didnt know what he meant ... then a few years went by and i understood perfectly...
  • some PEOPLE believe they are smarter than everyone. It has nothing to do with gender m'dear.
  • Feminism has polluted their minds. That's where the whole idea of fathers being expendable came from.
  • Probably because the majority of men they have been around have been egotistical assholes.
  • because who started all of the wars? oh let's did.
  • Women don't think they are smarter than men - they just are. I remember watching on tv scientifically proven results that women are a little smarter than men. Women are smarter but what they do with their potential can make some men think they are smarter.
  • Coz they are dim examples !
  • Honestly I think it has to do with residual (or more likely adopted) anger at having been assumed to be less smart for so long. I've heard similar things from some black leaders as well. It is of course counter-productive erase assumptions of inferiority, achieve equality and then start claiming superiority but it's probably human nature. . Turnabout is only fair play if you agree that the initial offense was legitimate all along.
  • We just believe what men also believe..That they're smarter than woman.

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