• I'm not to good at english myself, but I no that their r alot of poeple that r alot better then me! Is that grammer bad enough 4 u :-)
  • My biggest pet peeve is when there is incorrect agreement between components of speech. Example: Incorrect: If you love someone, set them free. Correct: If you love someone, set him (or her) free. Reason: someone is SINGULAR, them is PLURAL, so you must you him (or her) instead of "them." That drives me nuts!
  • A lot of them Answerbag questions is hard to understand when they got bad grammar and spelling and punctuation. A lot of those Answerbag questions are hard to understand when they have bad grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • "At." As in, "Where do you live at?" Or, "Do you always know where your kids are at?" DO NOT end a sentence in a preposition. "At" is a preposition. It sounds uneducated and lazy.
  • I don't got some no bad grammar.
  • I speak good, and dont say i dont do it good neither.
  • nuff said, yo.
  • Ain't isn't a word and I ain't gonna say it.
  • Where you stay at?
  • The one that drives me nutty is when people used the word "heared" (which is not a real word!) instead of "heard". I heared her tell that joke. Grrrrr!!
  • I SEEN you yesterday. No, I SAW you yesterday. So many people I know use that! ARGH! Also, "I have a pitcher for you of the boys"...a pitcher of boys? What is that, a glass pitcher full of males??? Oh, you mean PICTURE....I see....
  • Ending a sentence with a preposition.
  • Conference I got looking at the dates and I went and looked at the board of donations and come 17th I am going have to start ordering , like the steaks , the chicken even tough Dave got chicken salad and items the fixing for the hot dogs the chicken it’s not of the oven baked fried chicken. I am going have to start placing my orders that will allow the vendors 12 business day to work on ordering and finding us the best prices , I defiantly have to order the paper goods. I should do that as of now to be of safe we get it of on time from Horizon I need some numbers come 17th and I will add a 100 more even if we don’t gain a 100 more that will get used by the student in the home, follow me or should I go with figuring 200 more with the count given on the 16th ? Tom Montena Operations
  • whats that for? where are you going to? (same poor use of grammar)
  • Anytime people say, "I seen...." Or anytime a person "axes" a question.
    • mushroom
      Do people actually out those phrases in writing, or are they only spoken?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I see "I seen" all the time in writing.
  • It was a horrible situation, that.

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