• Check Ur Compression & write it down for all Cyls.. Check the "Oil Pressure" & write it down. Look EVERYWHERE for "Oil Leaks" & Fix them Properly! If all tests are within "Spec", switch to Syn. Oil & U will Stop All Further Wear & actually "Polish" moving parts, giving U better Gas Mileage, Performance & longer Life. BTW. 65K. is still Low Mileage. By doing Ur Wheel Brgs., Tranny. & Rear End etc. U can gain another 4-7 MPG as well! Change Ur Filter at the recommended (3000 mi.)interval & Add New Oil to "Top Off" on Dipstick. Completely Remove and Replace All Oil & Filter @ 25,000 mi.. After the second "Filter Change" Ur oil should be "Spotless"!!! U may notice the "Idle Speed" of the Engine goes up because this oil is so slippery. Just adjust as needed. John

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