• Well, nothing. Actually I just remember being very lost.
  • High School - I Could not sleep at all the night before school started. Everyone acted like Freshman would get picked on and not like it at all but actually i liked my freshman year. it wasn't bad. Most people were nice to you and talked to you (probably because at first they felt bad for us having no one to talk to lol)
  • I was going through a lot of problems when i was starting 9th grade, depression, loss of all my friends and anxiety so i never went. I ended up just getting home schooled all though high school.
  • Sitting in the college auditorium, with the teachers "welcoming" us (yelling at us about what we would get punished for doing) and thinking that I really didnt want to be there, despite having my friends there & everything, because it felt like I was starting a jail sentence. I quit about 4 weeks later, because I couldnt stand it anymore. And thank God I did.
  • High school: very apprehensive and afraid. I didn't know anyone. College: much happier than my first day in high school because some of my classmates were also my classmates in high school. I was not alone.
  • After all these years being terrified to go back.
  • High school: I remember being nervous as hell, but excited. Mostly I was worried about the "mean" upperclassmen.....Specifically I remember thinking I was kick ass cool because instead of riding the bus,I got a ride with my neighbor who was a junior..... College: The day i moved into my freshman dorm it was 99 degrees in the shade and I lived on the 3rd frickin floor in an unairconditioned building.....and despite my nervousness, I couldn't wait for my parents to leave!
  • I don't remember my first day of highschool. My first day of college was fun though. Two of my profs. were gorgeous.
  • I cant remember my first day of senior school, but I can my first day at college. I prefered college.
  • Not much. Considering that my buddies Jude, Dan and Phil came and picked me up, and we smoked maybe 6 or 7 joints. I was soooooo wasted. Not real smart.
  • about to be a junior and i don't remember much about the first day of HS
  • +5. That was 1966 and I have trouble remembering what I had for supper last night
  • I remember my first day at primary school, secondary school, university, and every job I have ever done! On all of them, I was a little nervous, but excited, and focussed on remembering every minute of it, because soon it would become so familiar to me, and that it was important to remember how I felt on that first day.
  • I was given an imposition sheet for swinging around a pole on a covered walkway.
  • Standing in one line, then another, picking up forms to be filled in and get stamped, trying to figure out what room we were supposed to be in, getting told off for being late on our first day. We had an initiation that all first year students do, the staff removed some of the numbers off the doors and we spent hours going around the college trying to find these rooms...assholes.
  • I remember the first day of college. I got lost a lot because I didn't know the layout of the campus yet and it was really hot. I remember taking 3 showers a day and it was hard to sleep. (no air conditioning)

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