• No way! My wife does!
  • kind of. well i mean i go shopping so i buy food for the week but it's not super planned out
  • My lunches. And only because I buy them for the entire week.
  • I don't even plan the next meal. I get hungry for something then thats what I have. Never know what I will have from one meal to the next.
  • No, I have a few days of meals in mind, but not an entire week.
  • I try, and I go out & buy what I want, but then when I get home, it all looks so good.. After half a day I end up needing to go back to the store again because I ate it all :(
  • Nope, though I do make sure I have food in the house, and plan meals before they actually happen, generally.
  • I barely plan my meals for the day.
  • no but sometimes i better did do that, because then i would eat a lot healthier. and i would probably eat a lot more fruit and vegetables. now i eat a lot of junk food.
  • No, I just eat during the week whatever as I go, day by day.
  • Maybe not the whole week, but I do plan ahead and shop for things once so I don't have to go to the store again. I usually plan 3-4 meals ahead, some of those for more than one day. Oh, and this question would be better placed in Food and Dining and not in the 'can't go anywhere else category' of "Outside the Bag", even in "Do you...". The "Do you..." is only for OTB questions and OTB questions are really sort of a last resort category. Once this question goes off the front page, it's hard for people to find it again if it isn't in the correct category. Thanks:-)
  • No, by the day. Normally my wife will ask what I want for dinner and even when I suggest something we get something else, unless I do the cooking. At the moment I'm alone for a week and the planning is from one meal to the next. I haven't decided on dinner for tonight and it's about 6 hours away.

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