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  • dont sweat it....she wont notice.
  • Thats funny you dont care about your penis size at 5.5 inches. Im 5.5 inches and thats all I care about. Although I have been told my balls are huge. Which I guess its looks pretty funny to have huge balls and a small penis. So be thankfull to have balls that make your penis look bigger.
  • It's all about the individual. Some may care, some won't. I have been told my testicles are pretty big. I wouldn't give it much thought, they just kind of sit there and bounce around anyway.
  • When we were married I was still a full male. Several years later I had to have both testicles removed. My wife thought I was still a good sex partner after the surgery. Yes, I have been castrated but I can still be good in bed.
  • Look for a testicle size card...they make them for nurses and doctors. I had a girlfriend tell me that mine were small, but never had any other women say anything about them. ..and the size chart shows me as "normal".
  • What stupid fucking question, who asks this shit here. Yeah sorry bud ur pretty damn small, dont know what to say....

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