• There are almost certainly steps you can take to change the association's rules, but you'll have to find out from the association what they are, as the procedures can vary from place to place. The condo association should be able to provide you with all the information you need to try to change the rule. From there it's a matter of following the procedure, whatever it may be. The more polite and congenial you remain, the better your chances of actually getting it changed. You might also look into what it would take to get a variance or an exception: instead of trying to change the rule, find out what it will take for you to get special permission to have your hurricane panels anyhow. Felix: First of all, asking how to add new rules and regulations is a separate question. Since I answered the question that was asked, you should not have rated my answer down for not answering a different question. And second, even though it's a separate question, I already answered it in the first paragraph: the procedures to change the rules and regulations should be laid out in the rules themselves. "Change" means to alter, add, or delete the existing rules. Please be sure to rate answers based on how well they answer the question that was asked, and please be sure you read and understand the answer before you decide it doesn't answer the question.
  • You will not need to take any steps to change a condo associations position on the installation of hurricane shutters if you are located in Florida. Florida law recognizes a unit owners right to protect their unit against storm damage; therefore, section 718.113(5) of the Condominium Act actually requires the board of directors to adopt hurricane shutter specifications for each building within a condominium managed by an association. According to statute, "the hurricane shutter specifications shall include color and style" and were required to be in place by April 1st, 1992.
  • You should not buy any property with an association written into the deed. It might be borderline ok if you can be on the board, and preferably the president. Otherwise you have no rights.
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