• I think it's really hard to say on this one. My parents both have blue eyes and my brother got them and I got green eyes. I am just happy I can see out of them.
  • A possibility. Since your father's genes were Blue/Blue, the only way to get blue eyes, yours must be Blue/Brown. your boyfriend may be Brown/Brown, which is relatively more likely because there is no visible blue in his family, or Blue/Brown. In the former case, all your children will be brown eyed; in the latter haf of them will be blue eyed. Actually, it is not quite as simple as this. If all your boyfriends family have deep brown eyes, he probably has Brown/Brown. If some of them have "hazel" eyes, they may have the blue gene.
  • My brother and his wife have brown eyes. They have three girls. One blonde with Blue eyes, one brunette with brown eyes and one red-head with green eyes. Our Dad has blue eyes, so do I, and my Mum has brown eyes, like my brother? There is no-one in the family with red hair, and my daughter too has hints of red in her hair, so don't think there is anyway of telling. Nearly every baby is born with blue eyes. They then change colour, this could happen when a child is 3-4yrs old in some cases.
  • Oh, yes that is very possible. It could happen.
  • everyone in my family (mum,dad,5 siblings) all have gray eyes. I have green. so yes, quite possible
  • it's possible .. im the only person in my family to have bright blue eyes .. like, im talking the ONLY .. everyone else has brown and light green .. so you never know ..
  • My mom, her mom, and all 5 of us kids plus the dog have / had dark brown eyes. 2 or 3 of my other 3 grandparents, my dad, and all 3 of my aunts & uncles had blue. My wife is blue, and our 2 kids are blue. Anything's possible!
  • It is possible if both you and your boyfriend have a recessive gene for blue eyes. For every trait, such as eye color, you have two genes (one from you father, one from your mother). Generally, only one of the two is expressed although at times there is some cross-over (i.e. hazel). Because brown is a dominant color, blue eyes will only be expressed if the child receives the blue eye gene from BOTH parents. If the child receives one brown eye gene and one blue eye gene, the eyes will be brown.
  • my dad had blue eyes,my mom has dark greeny blue eyes,my sister has brown eyes,mine r blue,is this possible???
  • Since blue is recessive that means your dad had to pass a blue allele to you. Since your sister has blue eyes (means she has two-one from mom and one from dad) that means your mom has one blue but her brown allele dominants it. You have one blue and one brown. If there are any blue (or green for that matter) in his family it is possible he has the same alleles as you, which means your kids have a 1/4 chance of blue eyes.
  • Me and one of my brothers has blue/gray eyes and my other 2 siblings have green eyes, and both my parents have blue eyes.... and my sisters 2 daughters have blue eyes even though her father has brown... and the same with my brother, his wife has brown and his daughter has blue. So any of its possible.
  • Possible, but not likely.

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