• I fainted once. At school we were in study hall and my friend wanted to show me something on a computer he was using. It turned out to be my first screamer...
  • didnt faint but started getting dizzy and wobbly in a school performance from standing so long.
  • Once. Training for a new job.
  • On work experience at a horse hospital you have to stand around a lot, and I had had little breakfast, and I asked to go to the toilet and everything went black and I woke up in a horrid cold sweat, and people were holding me up. Its horrible. And they sat me down and gave me a drink and some biscuits, and hey kept asking if I was OK.
  • nope, got a little weak in the knees when I got the call about my son being hit and killed by a car.
  • Twice...once when I was loading my stubborn horse into the horse trailer and I just keeled right over from being in the sun too long. I was alone, except for the horse..and well, he was a horse's ass about the whole deal. Next time I was pregnant and standing in line in a swimming pool supply store one second and laying on the linoleum the next. I had a while store full of interested people with me.
  • The only time that happened was in high school. The classroom was incredibly hot, the windows were closed and there were two classes of students crammed into one room to watch a movie.
  • Once, it was at Disney World. I was so dehydrated!
  • Twice. The first time I was in the bathroom when I felt like I was going to faint and managed to crawl out and lie on the bed. The second time I was a bit ill with the flu and I was in the metro - it was really hot and sweaty and, so, I collapsed.
  • Just once about 7 years ago. I was in the shower with my boyfriend, I don't know what happened, I just remember feeling a little sick, then things got a little dark around the sides of my vision, and then I was sitting in the tub, not standing. I'm actually lucky he was there because he caught me and sat me down. I probably would have hurt myself if I had just fallen down alone.
  • I had a cortisone shot years ago in my spine and after waiting in the doctor's office for 20 minutes, I left with my then-husband..the next thing I knew I was on the ground in front of the elevator, looking up at my was a very scary feeling! :(
  • Once. I was having back spasms that were horrible. I was laying in bed and tried getting up, to wake up on the floor, with things fallen around me. That is the only time I ever passed out, and it was from pain.
  • Once when I was about 11, from heat exhaustion. It's kind of funny, actually. My mom used to take us to get our hair cut at the local beauty school. It was the middle of summer and over a hundred degrees, and the place had no air conditioning. Then, on top of that, the student put me under a hair dryer! I think I had curlers on my head and she wanted to dry it like that. Well, I started to feel funny, and I got up and walked over to the drinking fountain. Didn't make it. I don't even remember falling down, I just woke up on the floor. There were people all around me like the end of the wizard of oz, and me with my head in curlers! They said that I screamed before I passed out, but I didn't remember that at all! I got taken to the hospital just in case, but I was fine, just embarassed!

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