• No, but then I've always been skeptical of the environmental hysterics.
  • It's a cycle that no matter what some wish, has nothing to do with man.
  • oh no don't tell me they are dragging the same crap out as they did back in the 70's ...we were all suppose to be 6foot under snow and ice by the year 2000 and yes the globe is warming ...just like it has in the past ...way before man had invented the wheel
  • The earth goes through a complex series of warming and cooling cycles lasting thousands of years. There's little dispute that we're in a warming trend right now. The controversy is whether the warming trend is natural, or whether human industry is contributing to it.
  • Never did believe it. If it is happening it has nothing to do with humans. About 800 years ago England was much warmer than it is now.
  • Heck no. GW is a hoax. My 2 cents.
  • Humanity is powerless to impact the global climate for the better or the worse. The Global Warming theory is based on a fallacy. That fallacy is that increases in Carbon Dioxide drives warming. The truth is that Carbon Dioxide is a trailing indicator of warming ... ordinarily by as much as 800 years. Global Warming lunacy is nothing more than an international power play being orchestrated by the United Nations, in an attempt to milk even more money out of the United States and other first world nations to further empower Marxist dictators in third world nations. That is a bad idea on SO many levels.
  • Global warming is a fact just like global cooling, whether or not it's from human intervention was never proven. The scientist who supposedly discovered it has retracted her opinion but of course that's not reported in the liberal media. This doesn't mean we shouldn't be more environmentally consciences but the theory that pollution and greenhouse gasses is the cause is no more proven my theory that all the electric appliances and cars etc. cause heat and if they would all be shut off the world would cool down. My theory has no basis to it neither does the connection between greenhouse gasses and global warming. Don't get me wrong greenhouse gases are bad but for other reasons.
  • Yes its happening, global warming is a misnomer, as it is more directly referred to as Global Climate Change. Despite whats been said in several responses already the amplitude of the current phase is noticeably and alarmingly greater then any phase in global history. While the planet does go through shifts, we have never ever seen anything like this before.
  • Not for a second. It's been exposed as a fraud. I think it is hilarious that all the emails came out exposing global warming as a scam! Hats off to the hackers!

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