• No. My aunt did that with my cousins and I saw two very miserable people eating stuff they couldn't stomach. I never forced my children to eat everything - who am I to judge how hungry they are?
  • I was asked to but not forced extensively. I was never sent to bed without dinner. I wasn't a hard kid to p[lease and what I hated most adults did also.
  • Yeah, i was forced to. It's odd, because now when i say that I'm done, there's no argument. I don't know.
  • Yes. My mom went nuts if I didnt eat everything. Thought I was ill...
  • Yes and due to this parenting technique now as an adult I never finish anything on my plate, I always leave something (I just feel full before I'm finished) even if it's a bite of a sandwich. My ex husband used to get really upset with me over "wasting perfectly good food" but I just can't bring myself to finish.
  • Ya if I didnt finish my plate, my dad would say, '' You whon't be part of the clean plate club'' lol. Trust me I had to be part of the clean plate club otherwise he would bug me all day. Good memories :) Thanks for reminding me.
  • Sometimes, it depended on how much there had been and what it was.
  • Yes, which is why I like my steaks cooked to the shoe leather stage now. My mother likes her steak bloody raw, she would make me sit there until it was gone. My grandmother would take pity on me and stash some of it when my mother wasn't looking. Gram liked hers well done also.
  • Well, I wasn't made...I had lots of time on my hands, so I pretty much volunteered.
  • my grandpa would pretend to steal my food, so i'd have to build barricades using glasses, napkins, etc and eat as fast as possible .. true story .. lol
  • sometimes. I guess it depended. When my mom made beet casserole one night I sure didn't clean my plate!!No one did..we ended up ordering pizza!
  • Not always, but most of the time.
  • No, as a matter of fact my mom made us all what we wanted which had to be rough since she had 5 kids. I'm not so nice. Although I don't make my kids finish all their food, they must eat what I cooked or nothing at all. I found my kids learned to like most things now and will even eat their veggies. My nine year old begs me for spinach. How cool is that?
  • Yes, I was. If I just couldn't finish it, it was saved in the frig and rewarmed for the next meal. Now I eat til I am full and then I give my plate to one of my teen boys and they polish it off.
  • Yes and it taught us a very valuable lesson that food is precious. Once in spite of my grandparents telling me not to take a second helping I did and then I wasted it. That evening my grandmother took me to a garbage dump and made me stand and watch the scavengers hunting for food.Then, she made me stand there till those poor children had left. It taught me a lesson I have NEVER forgotten. If I ever ever take more than I can finish I never thrash it. I put it in a container in the fridge to eat the next day. there are too many hungry mouths for us to thrash food without feeling extremely guilty about it.
  • As a child I was never made to clean my plate. My mother always wanted me to spend more time with my school work and studies. However I would always wash my own plate and sometimes I would also clean the plates of my other siblings just to make my mother's work lighter.
  • No, but if you didn't clean your plate, there was no dessert.
  • yes, and I hated peas and they said they would save them for me the next night. What a nightmare. I never did that to my son.
  • no,but i always did.I loved a big plate of mac-n-cheese and porkchops,i gladly went for second..They didnt have to tell me to clean my plate cause after i played outside all day i wanted to eat.and i ate BIG!
  • Yes, that food wasn't free you know,
  • Yes. Nothing went to waste.
  • My Grandma always makes me finish it or else she tries to guilt trip me -- IM A TEENAGER I KNOW WHEN I HAVE EATEN TOO MUCH YOU DO NOTTTT --
  • Yes, and I still strongly believe it is a virtue to not waste foods because in other parts of the world, people are literally starving to death whilst excess foods is being channelled to the wealthy countries.
  • Yes, & it was aweful. When I told my mum that I was full she would lay me down & try to stick food down my throat.
  • Always, and encouraged to go for seconds. Now I never eat everything on my plate, and never go back for seconds.

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