• Start reading books from the library. Once you get into the hang of receiving new ideas, you will be able to share more ideas with others. Go to the mall and start a conversation with some one you don't know at all. Once you practice this 10 or 15 times you will be able to carry on conversations with a lot more ease. Easy question: Isn't that a nice cell phone? Do you know where the food court is and if they have anything good to eat here? Do you know where the elevator is? Do you know where the stairwell is? Do you know at what time they close here? - Just practice asking easy questions to people you don't know and your shyness will start to erode and go away quickly.
  • There's no reason to be depressed Hunnee. Really This is just the way you are, Do you really feel the need to live up to other peoples standards?? If your boyfriend didn't like it would have he gotten with you in the first place?? I AM this way, & very happy with it. "why do people feel the need to sit here a blab about bull shit when it has no meaning, what's wrong with just shutting the F-up & enjoy the silence" That's how I live. If you still feel you need to live up, then try Looking into self help books where they'll show you the way to "better" yourself... Goodluck

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