• Yes. the saying that beauty is skin deep, is really true. just because you or wife-girlfriend are not raving beauties, does not mean you will not have beautiful children. its whats in your heart that counts.
  • What the hell kind of question is that!?
  • Yes, from my experience, some ugly-ass people have had some beautiful kids! It's amazing. And yes, beauty is only skin deep and it IS what's on the inside that counts, but lets face it, there is discrimination against ugly people (or bias towards beautiful people). It's always been that way and probably always will. However, what is considered "beautiful" changes in society throughout time.
  • I think ugly people have prettier babies than pretty people. Look at movie stars most of those babies are really not cute. My babies are much cuter than Tomcats, or Bradglenas babies, and just as happy for that matter.
  • yes. have seen some pretty beautiful kids come from some homely parents. and vice versa
  • All children are beautiful.
  • yess, because remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I could say that this person is gorgeus and you could think they looked like a drowned rat!! but yess again also cause they also enherit looks from Your wholee family! even extended
  • Yes, and vice versa! It depends on how everything comes together in the finished product. I think each of my kids is better looking than my husband and me separately. They got the best of both of us. Two of my kids look like me feature-wise, but inherited their coloring from dad's side of the family (blue eyes and blond hair). My third looks like my husband's family, but with my dark hair and eyes. It's amazing!
  • Are you asking this question for personal reasons?
  • keep hope alive
  • Are you talking about kids? when they are little? Well then that's true: even children of really ugly people can look beautiful. And then question: what do you reckon being ugly or what does make people looking ugly? i.g. Big ugly nose or lot of hairs in the face and etc or teeth? All kids have rather small noses and less hair and so on. you know what I mean? When they will get older,they will look like their parents. More or less. But no way beautiful. And I cannot imagine that Brangelina will have ugly or less attractive children. They are bound to be stunning. And about stars(movie- or whatsoever). They are mostly not that beautiful at all. But success together with stylists and image make them VERY attractive.
  • Very rarely, if there are good looks genes scattered somewhere in their family e.g. siblings then those can come through and they will sometimes have good looking offspring, but generally no, ugly people have ugly kids. The challenge is for us to treat people well regardless of their looks.
  • Why do you ask? Planning on getting pregnant?
  • My father is ugly and I consider myself to be very beautiful. To answer your question, yes ugly people can give birth to beautiful kids.
  • "Ugly" is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has a different opinion of what is "ugly". Every child is beautiful and every adult is beautiful in their own way!
  • Yes, and beautiful people can have kids that fell from the ugly tree and hit every ugly stick on the way down.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
  • Who are you to say people are "ugly"?
  • Personally I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but yes, statistically, people who are "socially unattractive" can give birth to children that are physically desirable.
  • Can handsome people give born to ugly children. It can happen either way.
  • NO once ugly always ugly most of the population are ugly Of course im beautiful i was lucky

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