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  • Apart from the issues raised in tjatherton's answer, you need to be more specific. Pregnancy occurs when sperm enters into the female's reproductive system (through the vagina) and fertilises an egg. The only risk of pregnancy with any sexual activity is if you allow sperm to enter your vagina. This can be from full intercourse with the male ejaculating inside you, to even allowing it to come into contact with your vulva, or the area around the entrance to the vagina. If you allow him to ejaculate with his penis near your vagina (so that his sperm shoots onto your vulva), or if you have sperm on your hands (or possibly his mouth from kissing or such if he has ejaculated in your mouth), and either of these contact or enter your vagina, then you are possibly inserting sperm into your vagina. However, if you are on a contraceptive pill, and have been taking it consistently for a long period of time, then the chance of falling pregnant is very low. I would ask what is the foundation of your belief against premarital sex? (I assume by your statement you are only referring to intercourse, if you engage in other 'foreplay' activities). If it is just to guard against pregnancy, then I don't see much of a risk unless you are very careless. If it is a religious belief, then without wanting to sound judgmental, I would wonder if that belief has not been compromised. Usually a religious stand against premarital sex includes all sexual activity, including oral sex, 'petting' and masturbation. At the end of the day it is your decision, but even with the pill I would recommend that you be careful. Don't allow his sperm anywhere near your vagina, and if you are engaged in any kind of sexual activity, maintain good personal hygiene. Putting his penis into your vagina is not the only way to get sperm in there, and possibly get pregnant...
  • Speaking from experience...I had a friend in the exact same position and she ended up pregnant with triplets within a week. The only true safe sex is no sex. It sounds like you should be very careful. Your chance is about 99.2%. It doesn't look good.
  • It's highly... HIGHLY unlikely. It's like asking if you can get pregnant while dry humping, hehe.
  • I'm a victim of poor sex edu. from both home and school. Raised in a strict Christian home and cause I was an athlete in high sch I didn't have a real health class. I'm a major worrier and wasn't asking to be judged on my beliefs.
  • There are no chances of you becoming pregnant through masturbation and oral sex unless you get some semen near or in your vagina.
  • seriously like.. u are having sex ur are just not haveihg inter course... and besides i think oral is more intmate than intercourse... and really if ur are on the pill and take it probally ur are at a very low risk of becomeing pregant... and with out sprem entering ur vaingia u wont get pregant...
  • It really no chances of you becoming pregnant unless he nutts on your pussy.
  • Almost non-existent. Sperm doesnt come anywhere near your vagina, and you are on the pill. If you become pregnant I'd blame the Holy Ghost before I blame your boyfriend.
  • is rare, but you can still get pregnant if you both rub privates together in the heat of the long as you are on the pill and he doesn't penetrate you, you should be fine.....take care.....Brian....
  • If he is cumming on your vagina, your natural lube can carry it up to the uterus. If your birth control fails, your screwed.
  • Let me put it this way. You're 25, and you're a virgin. Now that can be a "dangerous" combination in the sense that your sexual urges are presently very strong, and you're restraining yourself. Oral sex and masturbation are safe sexual activites from a pregnancy standpoint, but there's always a chance, a very strong chance, that you will carry it further step by step. If your genitals come into external contact, and they probably have already, there's a definitely a chance, albeit slim, of a pregnancy. How long do you think you will continue this wilful suppression of your natural feelings? Sooner or later passions will overcome your "good sense" and you'll find yourselves sexually engaged, and before you know what's happened, he's already ejaculated into you. It's wisest to be practical in these matters and be prepared for such an eventuality. It's a good thing you're on the pill already, although for a different reason. It's a very thin line you have to cross, and you'll very likely cross it before the year is out.
  • lol its impossible unless you have sex. In addition, its still almost impossible if you have sex, since you are on the pill. Maybe its time to grow up and get you some. After all you are 25 years old, and your bf wont wait around forever when there are so many other fish in the sea. If hes a guy then he has already had some.
  • very little chance unless he ejaculates near your vagina. Still, it would be slim.
  • hi5 on being able to keep it ..i guess sum wut virgin..but no your most likely not.
  • Highly unlikely unless he nuts on your vagina.
  • Kinda funny belief: don't you think?? I mean, you're doin' it ... but just not interlocking. Yet you say you don't believe in pre-marital sex??! That sounds like plenty-o-sex to meLOL!
  • You can't get pregnant from oral sex or masturbation, so have fun. The danger is that oral sex can, and usually does, lead to intercourse, and therein lies the danger of pregnancy. Being on birth control reduces that danger, as does the male wearing a condom or having a vasectomy.

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