• from :A British slang term formed by the contraction of "What are you up to?" "Wot'cher up ta?" devolved into this now-common greeting." from "wotcher: (informal) a shortened form of "what cheer!" A cheerful exclamation; used as a greeting, especially between friends. Used mainly in London, England. Also spelled "Wotcha". "
  • Etymology 1 Corruption of what cheer. Interjection wotcher 1. (mainly UK) A friendly greeting. Wotcher, Harry! = How's it goin', Harry? Etymology 2 Abbreviation of what do you. Pronunciation Generally pronounced 'wot-cha' but pronunciation depends on its place in a sentence. By itself, it would be pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable: "wot-CHA!" In a sentence the second syllable would be suppressed and shortened e.g. "wotcher Harry" would be pronounced "wot-cha 'Arry". As it is pronounced very quickly, it is sometimes mispronounced or misheard as "wod-ger". Abbreviation wotcher 1. (mainly UK) what do you Wotcher think? = What do you think?
  • In short "watcher" means hello. Also it's predominantly used by Cockney's (People from London) Other parts of the UK have different words for greetings. IE Liverpool (scousers) would say "aw rite der" All slang and informal.
  • Hello!
  • never heard of it

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