• How old is your tv? might need a new bulb
  • The TV is just about 5 years old. The bulbs all work (light up correctly). I tried to manually adjust the colors in the magic mirror option but I can't grab the green lines to move them up to where they need to be. I can only manually adjust the red and blue lines on the graph. I think I need the tech codes to unlock control of the green lines. I spoke to a technician at best buy (I know the place is the bain of my existence too) but the guy seemed to really know his stuff and said it needed to be calibrated using a laptop. any truth to that? Best Buy wants $300 to calibrate it. check out a couple imags I took of the screen during magic mirror adjustments at:
  • this is a failure of the convergance amp's - not a job for self-repair. normal repair for PTV sets with this problem should run $250-$350. Call a local servicer (not Best Lie) for repair..... their $300 ISC alignment service is a total crock, 99% of sets cannot be set to anything close to a "PRO" standard - you will not see the change anyway & first time you move the tint or contrast the setting is lost anyway. BTW do NOT move the crt lense assy at all, if you have a 1 hour job just turned into several hours of alignment for the tech -at your expense
  • The green line is supposed to be stationary and the other two should align to that one. that should be just the adjustment you need.
  • what was the resolution to this problem? Was it the bulb or the failure of the convergence lamp? I am having the exact same issue on my 46F500. thanks
  • You could find the instructions manual for this Hitachi 46F500 here :

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