• Noooooooooo! Your daughters are only saying that cos their young. And have the "let's paaaaaaaaaaaarrrtaaaaaaaayyyyyyy" homone coursing through their veins. Don't worry about what they think. Just enjoy what you're doing. Go out when you feel like it, not cos someone says you should.
  • I don't think that makes you a deadbeat at all. I'm 18, I hate ''going out'' in the typical sense... I enjoy the theatre or cinema if there's something decent on, but that goes for any night of the week. A nightclub is my idea of hell. Quite honestly on a Friday night I'd rather stay in and read a book, everywhere is sooo crowded. Having a life change as dramatic as your partner moving out is traumatic, if you don't feel like going out, don't force yourself. I'd be telling my teenage girls that the way they're talking to me isn't appropriate, it's really very rude and hurtful. They should be supporting you as opposed to berating you.
  • your teenage daughters enjoy going out and partying because more than likely someone else is footing the bill....(mom)...when you feel ready to go out then go out...
  • you're not a deadbeat. maybe you should give going out a few more chances. you might learn to like it or maybe even find someone you like.
  • No, I am sure you are somewhat set in your ways, most people stop bar hopping and picking up strange men, at our age. I personally think it easier to get on a website like myspace, meet some people, take your time and get to know them, do things at your own pace. Your daughters are awesome, but your not their age, LOL.
  • If you really want to go out, go get coffee with friends. You don't have to go clubbing or anything. I am the same way. I partied when I was young and don't really want to do it anymore. If I do go out alone, I find myself going to a bookstore and getting one of the "good chairs" and reading the first chapter of a few books.
  • I think their choice of words might be improved upon..however, they are probably concerned about you and because they are teenagers, may feel that going out will help out. I think they probably love you a lot and see you moping around and don't know how to I wouldn't come down hard on them..they are noticing you, and they care enough about you to say something..maybe they are not eloquent, but I think their love manifests itself and you should realize that if they didn't care about you, they wouldn't notice! :) I think maybe you might open yourself up to going out with girlfriends, perhaps, as a start! :)
  • I might say that to my parents if I wanted the house all to myself so I could be bad! ;) I wouldn't say that to my parents. I prefer that they stay home.
  • yeah, try to meet someone new. Let me tell ya', I can't STAND break ups. That's how I deal with it, by going out, and forgetting about it. It's possible, he left you, because, the relationship got to be too routine, Hey, I know, I've been there, Men have dumped me for that. Nothing cures missing a man, better, than finding ANOTHER MAN, let me tell ya'.
  • Maybe your right Linda...I was too available, too predictable, and that counts for alot when someone is gonna be right there with ya...On the other hand it got really old for me... I have been gettin out much more...I jus haven't replaced him yet...In time..
  • One thing you are showing a wonderful example by being a good mother, we need more younger moms like that in this country. If you get bored get online there are many good chat rooms out there with music and christian values. That is what I did for many years and met two great guys and now I am engaged and we are getting married. GOD bless and good luck to you and your girls. I have two teenage daughters as well and I know how frustrating it can be raising them.
  • 38 and staying home on a Friday night? That is not unusual. Thing is - did you go out on a Friday night when your b/f lived there? You say you never really liked going out anyway, so why change? After a week at work, the last thing I have the energy for on a Friday night is going out - and you reach a stage when all that 'cattle market' dating scene is not worth the hassle. Your daughters are concerned for you - they want you to be happy, and maybe they think that you will find happiness by going out, or by starting a new relationship, but it is up to you to do what you want to do on a Friday night, or any other night! Ok, deadbeat mom - you are not deadbeat! you are just middle aged, and you have been there, done that! Spend the time doing what you want to do!
  • A typical Saturday night for me is to put on a Suit and tie and go to where there are are a Youth Church serviced and pick a Fight with another dressed up kid

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