• Leave him, unless you have hard time finding new boy freinds.
  • once a cheater, always a cheater.I was with someone for 9 years thinking they would change. I stayed because I had years and kids invested into it. he never did change. You only had 4 months. Use him as a lesson to be learned and to find that mr. right. don't waist your time.
  • He had the nerve to cheat on you with someone you were LIVIN with, for ONLY 30 seconds? Thats an insult in itself, a slap in the face with everyone watchin. Leave his ass...
  • okay.. after reading those answers im afraid to reply.. i cheated once in my life.. i confessed.. because it was a bad moment in judgment.. i totally felt guilty.. and i had did everything i could to PROVE that i was serious about knowing what i did was wrong (i didnt do anything to TRY to get back.. because that wasn't my point.. she was too good for me) in the end.. after she saw how much pain i putmyself in (guilt is.. really hard) she came back.. i promised i wouldn't do it ever again.. (i haven't.. im a nice guy.. its just.. the moment had certain..ahh.. its a long story...) im grateful she's back with me.. so if you believe your guy is honest.. about being sorry.. then well.. give him what you think he deserves.. usually.. i tell girls to leave.. but i just wanted to be that shadow.. (guys only cheat because their insecure.. so maybe the relationship is missing something? (im not saying it is, its just a thing to think about.. its a tidbit of information))
  • Sex is sex, 30 seconds, 30 minutes... Of course it hurts but don't be afraid to leave because you are scared of losing him, it's YOURSELF you will be losing. Think of what you'll be gaining: you CAN meet someone who will be faithful or, enjoy the single life :) On the hand you chose to stay with him, watch him closely (and your roommate closer)and don't put up with any shady stuff. And if you just can't trust him, say bye bye because your gut feeling is probably right.
  • Do what you believe is right. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
  • I hope you realize that guys just don't cheat. We are not animals. If he cheated on you then he had made a previous decision on a different day that if the time came and he had the chance that he would cheat. I have never cheated, but I know what it feels like to want to and I know what it feels like to hold back because I don't want to lose the one I really care about. You don't want to lose him, but you already did. You should move on and find someone who is worth your time.
  • how do you have sex for 30 seconds , it takes more time than that to decide if you want to do it
  • Sure. Then he'll know he can do it longer than 30 seconds next time, because you're so forgiving.
  • You have to think very carefully about who you are and what your willing to cope/live with. YES people make mistakes BUT you guys are not married with children. In fact you have ONLY just started dating and he does this!? Thats not a good start really is it? you need to think about whether you really want to CONTINUE to date a guy who has ALREADY hurt you and cheated on you. Even if it never happens again you might already be suffering insecurity because of this. You could end up in a long term damaging situation where any time he doesn't pick up his phone, or another girl texts/phones him you will wonder if he slept with her/wants to sleep with her. Your trust in his character has been damaged and you would REALLY need to feel you 100% understand him & his situation for this to recover. But if you've been really hurt and damaged here, then think about the fact that its only been 4 months and you could do yourself a BIG favor here and walk away to find someone who would just be far too in love with you to ever even think about another girl :) time to step back, take some time out, and make the right decision for your life and heart. Can you see yourself marrying a guy who is this week and careless?? or... do you deserve better???
  • 30 seconds?? Why in the world would you wanna stay with this minute man?? How do I know??
  • Well.... he is only a boyfriend - not a husband. So he didn't "cheat" as you are not in a formal relationship to begin with. As for you being clingy... it's obviously something he wants to get away from. You need to buck up your ideas and stop being a drama queen. If you can't mould him, then stop clinging to him.

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