• LOL! I wouldn't be able to remember...I'll get back to you on that in 54 points. :P EDIT-------------- I now have 2,468...only. :P
  • HAH! I only have 2336 :)
  • omg! i'm giving you my 3+ which is all i can give :) hope that helps....i dread that level jump! i had 2,000 on my last level but i'm finally down to about 40 points till the next level....
  • You might still be working on that when we both are in the retirement
  • Well, that's what you get for being at level 84. I, however, have had to get 14,000 points to get to level 50 during the points rescaling thing...which I don't think you were here for. On a normal level, though, about 4,300 is the highest I've ever had to get.
  • When I get my last 400 something then it will probably be around 6,000. Looking at what you need....I'm not feeling so overwhelmed. Geeze o flip...that is obscene....10,000 points!
  • I only need 22 points to get to level 32 and I know that's not the most I've ever needed. I guess once I get to that level I'll need about 300 or 400 points to get to the next one. I know that the higher the level you are, the more points you need to get to the next one which is why I consider AB ascension to be like climbing an inverted mountain. ;) Firebrand needed 11,528 points to get to level 92 when I last looked. I just made level 32 and now I need 324 to get to 33.
  • 16,670 + is what I needed from 91-92. I am not sure of the little ones because I did not see the change over.
  • Oh, Boohoo! ; ) (4,000 something points, btw)
  • from now on, TROLL, I'm going to make sure I give you all the points you are due...10,000....that's just insane! But I bet you'll get through it in no are amazing in your ability to get points through moderation. You should start a turorial;)
  • I need only 78 to get a level 8

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