• no, i havent seen any points on here
  • You don't see the number and thumb rectangle after a question and after an answer? I most always give points for thought provoking, creative, funny Q & A. And I finally just found some answers a moment ago that got more than 10 points.
  • I think the old point system was dumb. It turned into all about how many points someone has instead of asking real questions. Even now, you have folks here that ask the same question 4 different ways, 10 different times, just to have more questions that anyone else. I don't think they need to be doing that again.
    • Roaring
      You have a good point about the numbers game without inspiring substance. I do remember the points war that included -points. Maybe not such a good idea.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I think it goes the same now for their "Leaderboard." Seriously, I think some people are just asking questions so their name can be up there.

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