• ATTACK!!! Sorry, I missed the first bit of the question... (reads) oh, right... ahem. It may be that there is a smear campaign (more than likely) going on. The people asking such questions may not actually be affiliated with the opposing party, and just be curious because of "what they heard". I think it'd be best to give them the benefit of the doubt. I wonder if any of this stuff is on TV...? Could he sue for slander?
  • because they realise that they won't have one of their puppets in the white house ...and that scares the shit out of them
  • Obama is Christian. He was sworn in when he took his Senate seat, using a Bible. Yes his middle name is Hussein but no, he is not Muslim. If elected president he will take the oath of office on a bible and will not open the doors of this country to terrorists. He is far from being racist though many African-Americans support him. I keep seeing these cheap shots coming at Obama on AB and I can only assume there are some who are afraid of him for strange reasons. Personally, I'm afraid of McCain...who wants to keep us in Iraq for another 100 years.
  • I watch only Public Broadcasting System news, debates, BBC, etc. It's the closest one can get to unbiased truth in reporting. Don't sweat the talking heads, they just need an audience.
  • I think the American people are sick and tired of negative attacks..the more the attacker slings mud, the more the mud will bounce back and harm him/her. The so-called political pundants that engage in such activity show their desperation..they have never been known as particularly astute or the more they "hack and slay" the less effect it has on the target and the more it highlights their own impotence! :)
  • One answer said: "Why make it about race". Maybe because Mr. Omama (very cleverly I might say) IS making it about "race". Claiming that "others" are against/opposing him; because he is Black! He IS intellegint; well educated and personable but is the LEAST Qualified af ANY of the other candidates. The TRUTH IS; being "Black" is his ONLY Qualification. What he represents is the life-long dream of millions of Afro-Americans. His Race does not make him qualified to be President; just like it should not dis-qualify him. Many other American "Blacks" ARE asking themselves the Question: "Would I vote for him, if he was white?" The answer is usually NO! This is a crucial time for America. We need the BEST, most qualified & experienced person who has been working towards their ideals for Years; not an untried person w/a lot of rhetoric. Anybody can talk change; but it takes Years of work to make it come about. Let's see a resume showing some of the work BEFORE "you're hired".
  • This picture is what I think of Obama
  • They all have different reasons. Some people don't like blacks. Some people don't like muslims. Some people don't like liberals. Take your pick.
  • You answered your own question when you said 'anti-Obama people' - Those idiots feel they have to resort to blatant lies and fabrications in order to make a point. The sad thing is that speaks volumes about who they are, their intentions and the fact that they have nothing else that can incriminate that man. Now, that is sad!
  • because if they can scare the rest of america into thinking he is a white-people-hating muslim, then they can keep him out of office. there are hundreds of false emails stating such things, and people believe them.
  • It’s Not Just ‘Ayes’ and ‘Nays’: Obama’s Votes in Illinois Echo By RAYMOND HERNANDEZ and CHRISTOPHER DREW Published: December 20, 2007 Correction Appended In 1999, Barack Obama was faced with a difficult vote in the Illinois legislature — to support a bill that would let some juveniles be tried as adults, a position that risked drawing fire from African-Americans, or to oppose it, possibly undermining his image as a tough-on-crime moderate. Seth Perlman/Associated Press Barack Obama leaving the Illinois State Senate in 2004. Related The Long Run: In Illinois, Obama Proved Pragmatic and Shrewd (July 30, 2007) Times Topics: Barack Obama Illinois Senate Barack Obama being sworn in as a Democratic state senator in Illinois in 1997. He was first elected in 1996 and left in 2004. In the end, Mr. Obama chose neither to vote for nor against the bill. He voted “present,” effectively sidestepping the issue, an option he invoked nearly 130 times as a state senator. Sometimes the “present’ votes were in line with instructions from Democratic leaders or because he objected to provisions in bills that he might otherwise support. At other times, Mr. Obama voted present on questions that had overwhelming bipartisan support. In at least a few cases, the issue was politically sensitive. The record has become an issue on the presidential campaign trail, as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, his chief rival for the Democratic nomination, has seized on the present votes he cast on a series of anti-abortion bills to portray Mr. Obama as a “talker” rather than a “doer.” Although a present vote is not unusual in Illinois, Mr. Obama’s use of it is being raised as he tries to distinguish himself as a leader who will take on the tough issues, even if it means telling people the “hard truths” they do not want to hear. Mr. Obama’s aides and some allies dispute the characterization that a present vote is tantamount to ducking an issue. They said Mr. Obama cast 4,000 votes in the Illinois Senate and used the present vote to protest bills that he believed had been drafted unconstitutionally or as part of a broader legislative strategy. “No politically motivated attacks in the 11th hour of a closely contested campaign can erase a record of leadership and courage,” said Bill Burton, Mr. Obama’s spokesman. An examination of Illinois records shows at least 36 times when Mr. Obama was either the only state senator to vote present or was part of a group of six or fewer to vote that way. In more than 50 votes, he seemed to be acting in concert with other Democrats as part of a strategy. For a juvenile-justice bill, lobbyists and fellow lawmakers say, a political calculus could have been behind Mr. Obama’s present vote. On other measures like the anti-abortion bills, which Republicans proposed, Mr. Obama voted present to help more vulnerable Democrats under pressure to cast “no” votes. In other cases, Mr. Obama’s present votes stood out among widespread support as he tried to use them to register legal and other objections to parts of the bills. In Illinois, political experts say voting present is a relatively common way for lawmakers to express disapproval of a measure. It can at times help avoid running the risks of voting no, they add. “If you are worried about your next election, the present vote gives you political cover,” said Kent D. Redfield, a professor of political studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield. “This is an option that does not exist in every state and reflects Illinois political culture.” The vote on the juvenile-justice bill appears to be a case when Mr. Obama, who represented a racially mixed district on the South Side of Chicago, faced pressure. It also occurred about six months before he announced an ultimately unsuccessful campaign against a popular black congressman, Bobby L. Rush. State Senator Christine Radogno, a Republican, was a co-sponsor of the bill to let children as young as 15 be prosecuted as adults if charged with committing a crime with a firearm on or near school grounds. The measure passed both houses overwhelmingly. In explaining his present vote on the floor of the Senate, Mr. Obama said there was no proof that increasing penalties for young offenders reduced crime, though he acknowledged that the bill had fairly unanimous support. “Voting present was a way to satisfy those two competing interests,” Ms. Radogno said in a telephone interview. Thom Mannard, director of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, said political calculation could have figured in that vote. “If he voted a flat-out no,” Mr. Mannard said, “somebody down the road could say Obama took this vote and was soft on crime.” Mr. Obama’s aides said he was more concerned about whether the bill would be effective rather than with its political consequences. They did not explain why he did not just vote no. Front-page article on Dec. 20 about numerous “present” votes by Barack Obama in the Illinois State Senate misstated the status of a bill to prohibit sex-related shops from opening near schools or places of worship. The bill did not get the required three-fifths majority, so it did not in fact pass. (Mr. Obama voted “present” on the measure.)
  • I dont believe he was a Muslim,no-one has ever come up with undisputiable proof.I do however find it hard to believe that he sat in Wrights church for 20yrs. and didnt know Wright held the beliefs he does.
  • They, the right, are just getting desperate and a bit shrill at this point. They just might lose!
  • Video 1: "Colorado Responds to Negative Campaigning" Video 2: "Negative Campaign Psychological Warfare" -
  • I dont know about the muslim thing or him being the anti christ or wanting a anti white church...but i do know that he is a horrible man with no concern for life whatsoever. If he can do this to babies what do you think he would do to you?
  • Simple answer. Right-wings are concerned with labels with no deeper thoughts.
  • No if he was White he wouldn't not only be President elect he would also not be in the Senate to support such a racist organization, but whoam I kidding you guys got Byrd and he was in the Klan and of course the democrat party started the Klna, but a detail no.
  • i think it's always been like that dependent on what you fear or dislike. label what's powerful what you don't like.
  • I think these allegations have been pretty much discredited. When people make them, it is really a sign that they have run out of legitimate arguments and they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  • What I like was the Muslem in Somolia who knew the US was A CHristian Nation but Obama did not.
  • The anti-Obama folks don't care about Truth. It's like everything else. They only care about being right, truth be damned.
  • The Obama-haters (and there are many) have never had the opportunity for a sit-down to get their stories straight. This causes a mis-match when they all come up with different reasons to hate Obama. My personal fav is that he's an alien... Hope this helps.
  • These are the only arguments the Obama supporters ever respond to. They aren't important. they are only distractions from the truths like, Obama supports the Patriot Act, obama is NOT anti-war, and Obama is as much of a threat to our freedoms and liberties as Bush was. You are ALL taking 'crazy pills' if you think Obama is REAL change.
  • This country has come a long way. In the beginning, blacks weren't even counted as full human beings and they had no rights. Now the leader of this nation is black. Isn't that a trip. Muslim, christian, anti white christian, I don't give a shit, they are all the same worthless right hand path counterfeit spiritual programs. I look forward to the day that we elect a leader who doesn't have his spiritual sense shoved up his/her ass.
  • All the lunatic fringe rightwing wacko's have to throw against Obama is nonsence - and the poor fools can't even keep their weird little diatribes strait any more. The politics of desperation and fear - as delivered by the foolish and ignorant....that's what the rightwingers have going for them at the moment. It's kind of sad - I expected a better class of hypocracy and bullshit from this mob of mewing children - but I guess I was mistaken.
  • They've been taking crazy pills for years. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, etc. etc. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.
  • I don't think the pundits are crazy when a pastor is yelling "G--Damn America!" I think the pastor is off his rocker and heading to the rubber room.

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