• I imagine it would knock your ass out before you got high...that stuff is a sedative.
  • Yeah, its not very pleasant in doses over 400 mgs though...causes hallucinations that you don't know are hallucinations. You'll see someone and you'll really think its them and may even have an actually conversations with them. Its really unpleasant.
  • im on 100 mg right now and i feel kind of floaty, not tired. its similar to a muscle relaxer high where your body feels slow but wonderful, i dont think you can pass out from it unless your laying down in a dark room meaning to fall asleep. also, its very cheap and legal. hope this helps.
  • yes u can! it will get you so high to the point u wont/cant move. also will hallucinate, you'll see people that arnt there and even talk to them. some times the walls look wavy. when you talk the words sound really weird. nothing seems real. you'll your forget what your talking about 2 seconds later. it also last a really long time. i dont know why people say it is a unpleasant high, i do it all the time and i love the way it makes me feel.. i also like the hallucinations.. hope that helps...
  • In a way.. At High doses (200+ mg) it stimulates your CNS and gives you slight hallucinations. However, that comes with insomnia, dry mouth, and indigestion. At really high doses (400-500+ mg) you will see scary and vivid hallucinations. They will scare the hell out of you because they DO look real. The other side-effects mentioned above will be multiplied and make you miserable The next day you'll have a hangover from hell and feel like crap. It sucks, I've tried it a couple of times. Stick to better drugs (Although I don't recommend that you take any drug recreationally)
  • hell mother fuckin yea, you can... you start seein and hearin shit on 200 to 300 miligrams. i was alone at my house and was talkin to my friend, it seemed as real as it could be. i saw a lot of lizards attacking eachother, too. it is really scary though. all you have to do is stay awake for about an hour, youll start feelin it, and it lasts for a long time. i was awake for 3 or 4 hours on it and went to sleep, finally. i still saw shit in the mornin too.
  • Yes you can infact. But in order to get high off this pill is if you take 200mg or more. With that you will feel very light and be chilled out. With a dose like 400mg or more you will start to get very heavy and even halloucinate. You can see things like an object floating or morphing into/out of something. I took 400mg of it yesterday and Then an hour later me and my friends smoked 1gram of the best hydro ever. the colors were orange white and green. After 9 hits of that i saw things unbeleivably crazy. With the weed and pill mixed I saw a suitcase floating in the air and white angels flapping their wings poping out of it. Then later I saw a torso of a human body wrapped in this clear plastic yelling and moving toward me. It can be scary but deffinatley worth it. It is perfectly safe and the after effects as in the next day feel very strange. You feel very dizzy and may even be blurry for a alittle bit. But it is infact safe. It is fun and it will knock you out before the effects. Unless your a pussy. But you can get high off of diphenhydramine.
  • If you take it in a high enough dose, it acts like a deleriant, which is totally not worth it because it really sucks.
  • get the softgels number one.. but after four pills I was tripping utter BALLS. started to hallucinate, but what people are sayin is true about the day after.. My body was there but my mind wasn't, my mind was off in la la land racing fast, It sucks ass. advice: play ping pong after taking five softgels ha ha it's the kitties titties
  • Probably so. I have experienced hallucinations after taking only two Benadryl.
  • Are you all nuts - look at what you are doing do your body - duh!
  • yea take about 15-20 of them depending on your body weight, i trip on it last night its fun as hell, i was thirsty so i reached for a drink that i saw but when i reached over to grab it it wasnt even there its changes how everthing looks its like dreaming while your still awake and you can't tell the difference between what is real or not, i also am a fan dextromethorphan psychadelics is my thing most people say oh dont do that just stick with weed, but im the type of person that wants to lose reality completely and weed wont get me there, plus i have no ways of getting weed anymore so this is much more conveinent and cheap
  • oh yea one thing i forgot to mention, the high lasts pretty much an entire day
  • where can some one obtain this kind of pill?
  • i am actually thinking about doing the B-Experiment now... my cousin took 24 Benadryls about a year ago... he got screwed up... there were vines and faces in the walls... hopefully six will do it for me!!
  • I take 200mgs. of it, but it's not anything special. It kinda sucks!
  • Yes, but there are other anticholinergics that are far more potent than diphenhydramine, such as doxylamiine succinate, which is otc and easily found without any other ingredients like acetominophene, which can damage your liver and other organs at a high dose.
  • I always hear people talking when I take that, I'll take between 4-8 benadryls. And hear voices. The only part that sucks is my legs get an awful feeling!
  • I doubt it. I once took a dozen to prove it's lack of sleep effect on me. probably bad for my liver or kidneys but I noticed no effects.

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