• I am a list rearranger. I do try to stick to the list but the order being rearranged doesn't bother me as long as I can get it done.
  • I don't make lists but I get irritated when I don't get everything done in the day.
  • I am a list hater. I never can make lists work for me. They never cover all the things that are involved, and I invariably misplace the list anyway. Hubby loves lists, but I find them to be a total waste of time.
  • I was never a list maker or a calender marker until my strokes in 2002, now if its not on either of those two things then it just don't get done ...come to think of it even if there on those two things sometimes they still don't get done
  • Im impulsive, i dont plan unless its for something really special im planning. Every time i shop and dont make a list i think i get everything, go home, where it belongs and go "oh shit i forgot that".
  • I'm a list maker. No, I don't stick to it at all costs, I'm very flexible and able to see what needs adjusting. I only change the list and rewrite if it's for something that will be long lasting and I will need the reminders.
  • No, I don't make lists. I'm bad at making a list, crossing stuff off. I'm much better at just going with the flow:)
  • I make lists when i need to but i change them easily, sometimes i forget i made one.
  • I'm a list maker. I don't stick to my lists, in fact, I'm lucky if I even remember where I put the damn thing! I don't bother to rearrange the list..I just scratch through and muck it all up. In the end, I'm really just after the focus that making the list gives me mentally. The list itself is expendable.
  • I'm a list maker. I don't care what order stuff gets done as long as everything gets crossed off by the date it needs to be done. And yes, I've been known to rewrite a list if some things aren't done and I need to add new reminders.
  • I keep saying I'm going to start making lists, but I rarely do. I get discouraged when I can't keep up with the tasks on the list.
  • I am a list guy. I keep track of my to do list with a simple software like FruitfulTime TaskManager.

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