• If the cable is seperate you could just replace it other than that i do not believe it is possible to fix unless you cut the end off and splice another end at the cut. That may fix you problem if you know how to do that, for me i cant work with wires that well so i'm not really sure if you can even do that.
  • I will say that it is possible. I can also say that if you have to ask then you lack the skill to do so; if you had the skill to do such intricate work then the solution would be obvious and you would not be asking.
  • It is actually common to have a VGA cable with "missing" pins because in most cases, only 9 out of the 15 possible pins are used. As to replacing a broken pin on a cable, it is probably not worth your time and effort to do so, rather than buying a new cable. Best advice is to borrow a known working cable to test first.

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