• People do all the time, but I really don't mind it. I like being able to help, when I can.
  • This morning.
  • Friday at work!
  • Yesterday. And yes I still talk to that person. I'm used to it.
  • Dumping their emotional baggage wasn't the problem. The problem was finding the right thing to say to make them feel better and actually helping solve the problem if that's what they wanted.
  • all of my friends do that to me. i've made it clear to them i am always there for them and for the most part they are free to come to me. [of course i'm there for them when they're ready to party as well. i'm not there for just half of the time or whatever and likewise they do the same for me.] i talk to them everday and we're all pretty close =)
  • I get it quite a lot and I still treat them the same. Even if the are complete bullsh**ters...
  • why, you offering? lol oj people dump thier emotional baggage on me all the time. fortunetly i'm quite capable of knowing (most of the time) what to say and what to do, i'll still talk to them cos at the end of the day, these people needed a vent, and i'm glad to help, and there's nothing wrong with things getting to much sometimes - it's only natural.
  • people do that to me quit often and since i have no emotions i dont know what to say to them execpt dont worry about it and then they get mad and walk away and i wount hear from them for awhile
  • Oh, everyone dumps emotional baggage on me - it's what I'm good for ;-) I don't mind it, and talk to those that do all the time. The last time it happened was about an hour ago when I checked my email.
  • Yes, and we still talk. But it kinda hurt a little. Some feelings I had seemed to have clashed with his baggage. But I just took a deep breath and was there for him.
  • About a week ago. I didnt mind. She needed a friend, and someone to talk to.
  • People tend to stay away from me, so it doesn't happen too often. If a person needs to dump their baggage, I will listen, it's the least I can do.
  • My mom. we never talk, so it was very strange to see her cry in front of me.
  • On rare occasions it happens. I stay and listen, even getting involved by asking questions. It is a wonderful opportunity to counter act the negative in the world and the speaker feels better.
  • it happens to me all the time..esp at work, where i answer crisis lines and a hotline! it's all part of the service.. in my private life people tend to talk to me about everything. i guess i'm a good listener.
  • Yesterday. People do that all the time, they seem to feel comfortable talking to me. I have been told I am a good listener and easy to talk to..maybe that's why. Yes, I still talk/listen to them..except one friend, who passed away suddenly as the result of a heart attack. She was only 41 and the single mom of an 11 year old, she had a lot of "baggage" and we used to talk a lot. I miss her. :-(

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