• Not all cars, if any display warnings for burnt out light bulbs. The display is for brake malfunction.. not something trivial like a light bulb burnt out.
  • You shouldn't be driving!!!!
  • BRAKE light If you know the light is out, just go to the auto center and buy a replacement bulb and install it. This is a moronic qustion. I have a 2001 CE with no bells and whistles. If you know your light is out, fix it!
  • All good answers...Every so often turn your lights on at night and walk around your car to check if all the lights are working...better then getting a ticket
  • NO vehicle will tell you a light is out. Car manufacturers assume that people have an IQ over 30 but I guess that may not be the case here, hence the question. They assume a person who passes a driving test can check for burnt out bulbs and replace them which is amazingly easy.

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