• I used to have to do one every year in elementary school.
  • No I never did but please let me know how hers turned out:)
  • I won 7. I won a blue ribbon in each school science fair from 5th grade until my senior year of high school. I wasn't the typical nerd, being on the football team, but I was still a nerd!
  • When I was in elementary school, all students participated in the science fair.
  • When I was a kid, I did projects on time zones, the planets in our solar system, and the old erupting volcano. In recent years I've had to do them on comparing carpet stain removers and which lipstick lasts the longest (these were actually my daughter's projects). She also had to do a Social Science project one year, so we did it on abuse of the disabled.
  • I did back in junior high school... and failed miserably.
  • I did the science fair on the local, district and state levels in High School two years in a row. Took second in state one year and third the other year in my division (microbiology). I'm not really a science buff -- just found a good project that I could elaborate on for the second year.
  • I won my grade school science fair a very long time ago. I did an experiment concerning which light makes a plant grow the best. The choices were sunlight, white bulb, yellow bulb, blue bulb or red bulb. Pretty simple. Nowadays, kids are building robots, building computers, doing stem cell how times have changed.

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