• Crocodile?
  • I seem to remember it being a Great White Shark at something like 2000 pounds per inch pressure ... I'm probably wrong, but I vote SHARK!
  • Croc - see (Dangerous Encouters:Monster Bite - "Brady finds a croc whose mouth is so powerful, it has the strongest bite force of any living animal ever recorded."
  • I would immediately think White Shark, but what about Hippopotamus?
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  • Pitbull
  • a croc'
  • Mike Tyson..........
  • I remember seeing a study on this and they tested the bite force of a rested croc (Nile river IIRC) at 5,000 PSI. They estimated that the bite force of a T Rex was about 6,000 PSI. IIRC, in an Animal Planet series called "Animal Face-Off", they estimated the bite force of a 1,500 pound Siberian brown bear to be about 1,800 PSI. They tested the bite force of a great white shark at about 680 PSI.
  • Crocodiles are very fast over short distances, even out of water. They have extremely powerful jaws capable of biting down with immense force, by far the strongest bite of any animal. The crocodile's bite force is more than 5,000 pounds per square inch,[2] compared to just 335 psi for a rottweiler, 400 psi for a large great white shark, or 800 to 1,000 psi for a hyena. They have sharp teeth for tearing and holding onto flesh, but cannot open their mouth if it is held closed. Since crocodiles feed by grabbing and holding onto their prey, they have evolved powerful muscles that close the jaws and hold them shut. The jaws are opened, however, by a very weak set of muscles. Crocodiles can thus be subdued for study or transport by taping their jaws or holding their jaws shut with large rubber bands cut from automobile inner tubes. All crocodiles have sharp and powerful claws. They have limited lateral movement in their neck, so on land, physical protection can be found by just getting even a small tree between the crocodile's jaws and oneself. from:
  • I just heard on one of the History channel's programs, Jurassic Fight Club, that the megalodon had a bite force of about 40,000 pounds! :O
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, according to the Discovery Channel.
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  • The crocodiles bite force is very impressively and I second that of about 5000 psi for a fully grown nile crocodile weighing in at around 1500 pounds. However I would have to say the Hippo, even though I'm not certain as I cannot find any concrete evidence of anyone being able to test their bite force safely.. Where as it is much easier to test that of a crocodile with the right measures taken. I.e. Taped snout, Blindfolded eyes and ropes binding it's legs... But I would say a hippo and if anyone has any evidence to prove this I would greatly appreciate it.
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  • Probalby the C. Megalodon which had the strongest bite. Upto 15 tons biting force = 46,000 psi Their muscle jaws could reach 3 metres in length and about 2 metres in width. This could beat the T-rex biting force which was 15,000 psi. Also, Sarcosuchus had the strongest bite too. Approximately (?) 20,000 psi. If you want to know the strongest bite now in the present, i would say that it's the Saltwater Crocodile 4500 psi, Nile Crocodile 4200 psi and the Great White Shark which is 4325 psi. < ( 1.8 tons) I tried my best to explain and sorry about the bad grammar.
  • the black mamba can kill 200 people with only one bite since it's so venumous
  • Strongest bite of a living animal, great white shark as per this article from August:
  • I know hippos have a lot of force behind their bites
  • The C. Megalodon which has a biting force of = 11.3 Tonns. T-rex - 4 Tonns, Great White Shark= 1.8 tonns, Saltwater Crocodile= 2 Tonns. I vote the MEGALODON
  • The Brazilian Donkey currently holds the record for the strongest bite. The Mexican Donkey was previously thought to have had the strongest bite after beating out the Nile Crocodile in 1984
  • the megaladon had the strongest bite force of any animal ever. the t rex had a bite force of 3000lbs, whereas the megaladon had a bite force of 20,000lbs
  • I heard it was the Tasmanian Devil. Neat to think a small animal bites harder than a larger one. But, I'd rather be bitten by a Tasmanian Devil than a shark...I thik chances of living through it are better.
  • That cute little saltwater croc I think.
  • Many say the Tas Devil. Pretty nasty animal.

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