• Walrus, whale, and elephant.
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      Wow That's some close encounters with the very big creatures
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      The whale and elephant were in theme parks. The walrus was on Round Island while working with Walrus for the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game in 1966.
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      Sounds like you lived an interesting life!
  • A circus elephant, when I was a kid. I fed it peanuts ... and it rubbed my cheek with it's trunk. Since then, the next biggest animals I've touched have been beautiful gentle giants .... draft horses - Percherons & Clydesdales.
  • The family went to one of those 'drive-through' wild animal safari parks. A buffalo stuck his giant head inside the car and wiped it's big wet nose all over us. Gross!
  • Elephant
  • Went on this trip to help scientists collect data on the orca whale. We were in a small sailboat and there were orcas all around us. When I went to touch his dorsal fin he stopped rolled over and just looked at me. This was a large male never forgot that day back in 97
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