• ken kaniff was a funny alternative to slim shady. in the slim shady show, he is gay. in the skits, he is a gay stalker, who tries to hook up with him. the first skit i thought was a joke, but on the second one, ken is a homosexual
  • Ken Kaniff is Eminem
  • Ken Kaniff is a character originally created by rapper Aristotle in order to make fun of homosexuals and pedophiles. Eminem and Aristotle used to be friends, often going to radio stations to perform freestyles together, and Aristotle is the one who performs the voice on the skit on The Slim Shady LP. Sometime between The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem and Aristotle had a falling out and Eminem took over the voice for the character ever since. In response to Eminem stealing his character Aristotle released an album dissing Eminem in the voice of Ken Kaniff called The Ken Kaniff Show. One of the easiest songs off of it to hear is called Guess Who's Back, which uses the beat from Without Me. It's easily found on youtube.

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