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  • Legally that is not considered abuse. But you can use it as evidence to what type of husband he was.
  • Not abuse in the true sense of the word, but it certainly reflects his lack of respect for your well-being and should be brought out in court in some manner, either verbally by your attorney or in the briefs.
  • I would try to get it in as emotional abuse or mental manipulation. It is a tricky area. Harrassment? Take the Sleep Deprivation part out of it (unless he is doing it specifically to cause you sleep dep...which is considered a torture technique). Try using the angle that it is harrassment. I agree with what others have said though, even if you can't get it entered as abuse, it will definetly speak to his behavior and treatment of you, and maybe even his mental state. It may work towards him being chemically imbalanced or having a mental disorder. He is obviously not dealing with reality. In the end, I would also question whether you and your attorney see eye to eye on your case. You may have a great attorney who is just trying to keep your case as simple and tight as possible. It is not a question of whether you or your attorney see it as abuse - it is a question of how the law and the courts will see it. But if you sense any sort of apathy from your attorney - get a new one. There are many who specialize in helping spouses leave abusive (mentally, emotionally or physically abusive) mates.
  • Heck YES it's abuse!! It's mental abuse !!!! and your attorney should ALWAYS be on your side of things, that is what you PAY them for...... I would find another attorney!!
  • I'd consider it torture..then I'd consider consulting with another attorney..
  • maybe you need a new attorney
  • I consider that serious abuse I know about sleep derivation. I am with you
  • Sounds like the technique used in Guantanamo. Ref: INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE (10 JULY 2008) TORONTO: A lawyer for a young Canadian detained at Guantanamo Bay said Thursday that he is outraged Canada's prime minister will not seek to bring him home despite documents indicating he was subjected to sleep deprivation and other inhumane measures. Department of Foreign Affairs reports released Wednesday said Canadian official Jim Gould visited detainee Omar Khadr at the U.S. military base in 2004 and was told by the American military that measures were taken to make the then-17-year-old more pliable for interviews.
  • Yes, sleep deprivation is considered physical abuse. Also, him waking you to make wild accusations is verbal abuse. The courts may or may not see it this way, but any counselor worth their salt certainly would. Physical abuse is broader than most people think. It includes blocking doorways, throwing items or striking things near you, using threatening body language, causing physical harm to people or things that you care about, and "waking."
  • Oh I definitely would consider this to be abuse. Is your attorney a male? I think it is more like harrassment really. Too bad you didn't ever record your ex doing this to you. Any attorney or judge in their right mind would definitely say that causing sleep deprivation is abusive. Waking a person up incessantly is really no different than playing music really loud so you can't sleep, Or calling you on the phone 20 times in a night so you can't sleep. I hope you are getting better sleep these days?
  • i would think it's abuse. i still can't believe how it could get to 6 times a night. the 2nd time would've threw me over the edge.
  • Sleep deprivation is used as a "torture" technique to "break" a victim. Humans need sleep to rest both the body and the mind. Going without sleep can result in mental and physical breakdown. Your attorney seems only interested in your money and hasn't done his homework. Your ex was taking his insecurities out on you, and causing you to suffer. This is abuse.
  • No, he only seems to be waking you because he thinks you've done something wrong. Its not to deprive you of sleep. You should get him to see a psychologist, he seems to have trust issues, among other things.
  • Yes, it is. Sleep deprivation is a torture technique. Its what you do if you want to get answers out of someone. It was done to John McCain, ask him if he considered it abusive.
  • that is emotional abuse... that kind of stuff scars people mental
  • THE ABUSE IS VERBAL AND MENTAL-- HE IS HARRASSING YOU-- AND TORMENTING YOU -- forget the sleep dep.. abuse-- he is too JEALOUS rrrrUUUUnnnnn!!!! before you are a lifetime movie
  • Yes it is, he is emotionally/mentally abusing you. Depending on how he is telling you what he's accusing you of-he could also be verbally abusing you as well.
  • Yes, it is abuse. It is considered so if done to prisoners, and you are not (or should not be) a prisoner. Get a better attorney.
  • Yes, it's abuse. Sounds like he has Paranoid Pesonality Disorder.
  • Sleep deprivation is a form of abuse. Fire your attorney, consult a Domestic Violence Shelter for legal advice and name of an attorney who will be supportive of your case.

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