• Yes, but in most states it's illegal. You will also have problem with the fuel injection because there are 02 sensors in the exhaust that tell the fuel injectors to put more or less fuel into the engine. When you take out the cats, you basically make it so these 02 sensors are constantly reading that there's too little fuel, so your truck will always run rich and make very little power and have extremely horrible gas mileage. You might be able to find a programmer to re-flash your trucks computer so that it doesn't use some of the 02 sensors (in a dual exhaust there are usually 4 of them, one before and after each cat). By bypassing two of these, usually the second one on each side, you're basically making it so that the truck behaves like normal, but without the cats. It's pretty expensive and complicated to completely remove the cats, and it would probably be easier to just upgrade them to higher flow cats.

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