• There are products to remove wine stains like Wine Away. They also help to remove blood stains. You can also try some stain removal products like Resolve.
    • Beaker Five-O
      Thank you !!
  • Depending on how much blood or how big the stain is, and how long it's been there ... cut out the carpet and replace it... .
    • Beaker Five-O
      My son had a nose bleed in his bedroom and made quite a bit of mess. Maybe I should just buy a rug to cover the stain up!! Am I really lazy ?!
    • Ice man
      Do you own the house or just renting ? If the boys rough house a lot and you're renting .. yes throw a rug over top and don't replace the carpet until you move. Lazy ? I wouldn't say that, the rug idea is smart because there will probably be more bleeding noses before the boys are done.
    • Beaker Five-O
      If they don't stop goofing around, yes, you are right, there will be more bloodshed--after I knock their heads together !! The mortgage company own the house until I finish paying my mortgage in three years (yippee) !! And thank you for saying I am smart. I already knew, but it is still good to hear it from someone else !!
    • Ice man
      Next to sex and Harley Davidson, being mortgage free is the best thing in the world.
  • It doesnt matter how well you remove blood stains because all the police have to do is put luminol on carpets and walls and every spot of blood will show up. Get new carpet.
    • Beaker Five-O
      OMG !! Why are the police getting involved ?! It was just teenage brothers messing about.
    • Mircat
      I need to stop partying with low class murderers.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't panic Beaker! They can't prove a thing if you spray everything with bleach.
  • Always use COLD water ASAP to get out blood. The sooner you treat it the better and make the boys do it if they're the ones that made the mess playing around. Use soap if water alone doesn't get it all. Then make your kids get a job to pay for replacing the carpet and by all means teach them to pinch the bridge of their nose to stop a nose bleed and not make a mess like that again! And when they come in drunk and puke all over make them clean that up too! Maybe by the time they move out they'll have the carpet paid for. Kids need to be held accountable for their actions.
  • you nnight need to replace it

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